useful User Scripts for the LED flashlight enthusiast

If you're not familiar with what a User Script is, basically it is a bit of javascript code that runs within your browser on specific websites, with the goal of altering the content on the page. They can add, remove, change, and do some pretty fancy stuff sometimes.

Some browsers have support for most user scripts within the browser, such as Chrome. Some other browsers do but require a 3rd party plugin to manage the scripts you have, like Opera. And some browsers need to have the support added, such as FireFox and the GreaseMonkey extension.

There is even something called GreaseFire that will show you what scripts are available specifically for whatever website you are on.

GreaseMonkey in Firefox is the most streamlined, and fully compatible with any script (hopefully fixes this soon)

Chrome (same as above)



Internet Exploder (may not work with IE9 beta) (supports userscripts but only with a different file extension, retarded just like IE)

So, on to the list of scripts, which i'll start in the 2nd post and I'll also consolidate the "best of" that we find from here on out.

This list makes use of the awesome database of User Scripts known simply as

One script that will make your experience much nicer is installWith, a script that adds functionality to's "Install" button, namely... to add auto-updaters to ANY script that you want, so you never have to bother with updating old/broken scripts that don't have their own update checkers built in. (and it scans for those too, to not cause any conflicts)


colors - shows color coding of shipped orders based on how much time left to dispute on PayPal (broken but i submitted the fix to developer, this could be better and more obvious, i might rework it)

auto sku.1888 insert - puts drop ship & gift service item into your cart automatically


Remove Image Overlay - removes blocker above item images

Item Link V2 - shortens eBay item urls (and it's by me)

Much more to come, as I work on a list and visit all of the retailers linked here checking for stuff... and then get into further things that could save us time, make things better, etc. I am considering making a shipping tracking userscript for DX and other sites that adds a button to open the tracking page for your local postal system. There's a set of one for about 9 countries, some are broken, etc... so that might be nice to have in one consolidated plugin with options. For the OCD members here. ;)

[edit1] i went through the list of all known budget light retailers (about 10 times as many as are reviewed here) and didn't find any additional site specific scripts. i think the next step is that i find or write a script to add a link to your local postal tracking systems, selectable which one to use, and that should work on every site that links to any of the chinese tracking stuff. that would definitely be a good start to a BLF script. i'm looking forward to some of you guys getting into this too, and sharing your favorite user scripts for finding/buying flashlights & sharing/posting about em. [/edit1]

I think I owe you a case of beer for this. I use a bunch of different GM scripts on a mix of different platforms, as well as some Stylish CSS wizardry masquerading as a GM script and up until now, I had crond run my own not-so-quick-but-definitely-dirty, self-rolled and frankly half-assed script once a day that pulls the source of an unholy number of scripts, does some basic input validation, essentially runs diff and emails me the results. Basically, a poor man's netstiff minus the features (I don't know Ruby and when I wrote it, I didn't know about urlwatch) which still left me with a ton of scripts to update manually. This should be a huge help. Thanks!

dx colors doesn't seem to work for me.

Haha, nice. That routine sounds complicated but awesome (other than the not updating it for you part). Some people don't understand how complicated automation can end up making things faster in the long run. Repetition not only adds up, but there's less to think about, less things to cause focus and attention to be lost. That's never a bad thing, especially when it comes to the zillions of tiny little things that can happen on a computer/etc. :)

Correct, it's not working, as noted. I submitted a fix for it to the developer (check the issues page), but I might rework it to be more colorful and obvious, perhaps also with a text "# of days left" somewhere on it. :)

Ah, I see.

Can you post the fix? It isn't a complicated script so it can't be much.

Also, your link to Remove Image Overlay links to glitchmonkey?

It's still on the issues page for that script...

Thanks for noticing the GlitchMonkey link. I was looking it and copied the wrong url. Hopefully I'll make my way around to improving this topic a bunch. Please, share any good scripts you find which can help with what the crazy people on this forum do. ;)

just uploaded "ebay price total mod"

now it supports and

Thank you for sharing