User Friendly Flashlight Buyers Guide: Free Decision Making Checklist

Hello, I have been working hard to try and make a resource/buyers guide for newbies to flashlights to use to help them figure out what they want in a flashlight. The other possible use would be something for you experts to direct or link to to help them out. I would really like any kind of specific feedback or constructive criticism so I can tweak the article or the checklist.

Again, the intention is for this article to be a place for newbies to learn the basics about flashlights and a resource for you to link and send them to. Thank you for all of your time and if you like the resource it would be nice to get some social love via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…

Flashlight Buyers Guide: Free Decision Making Checklist

Throw or flood
Size of cells
Number of cells
Voltage of LED
Number of LEDs
Drive current/output
Tint of LEDs
Location of switch(s)
Type of clip/lanyard/handle
Metal Alu/Brass/Cu/SS/Ti
Quality/type/color of ano

How about: price range and what one should expect.

Ehm copy paste from your article
Danger lurks in the dark. FBI statistics say that the majority of violent crime happens in the dark.

You kind of lost me there, and I almost expected to be able to buy the super, windtunnel proven, military used, elephant killing Lumintact G700 down below.

On the phone now but the rest seems comprehensive and clear (the site that is)
I am just not sure what the intention is, educate or sell (or get something out of sales eslewhere)
I case of educate you could just direct to the BLF specials with the Bistro drivers all modes and options one could think of are doable and the x6/x5 offers great quality for more then decent price :wink:

This page is more than 1 year old… but that guy did took his time putting together all that info, and even made some reviews.

In that time the word “tactical” was a key selling point, most flashlights came with forward clicky and direct access to strobe.