Uses of multiple flashlights

A while ago, I accidentally left a pen on my laptop keyboard, and quite stupidly, I closed the lid. BAM: broken screen, $300 worth of damage. Anyway, I still needed to use my computer, so I had to go up into the attic to retrieve my old (but still functional) 17” LCD monitor to use on my laptop.

Obviously, I brought one of my many flashlights with me (I chose a flooder, makes life easier). It so happens that after I found the monitor, I lugged it to the trapdoor and switched off my flashlight. The shorts that I was wearing at the time did not have any pockets because they were old basketball shorts, so I left the flashlight sitting on a ceiling beam nearby and climbed down, thinking, “I will get the light later”.

I got so distracted cleaning all of the dust off that I totally forgot about the flashlight. Later I just closed the trapdoor, wondering why I hadn’t done it before.

A week later, when I had some friends over, I realized that my flashlight was still up in the ceiling. This time I made sure that I could fit the flashlights in my pockets and I climbed up the retrieve the flooder. I used my C8 to find it, and while I was up there, I also found an old single AA LED flashlight that seemed to have been left up there and then forgotten about.

Later I discovered that the contents of the AA battery had leaked, and the flashlight was only fit for a good cleaning, then display.

It really is funny what you can find sometimes, and it is also feels good to have a use for multiple flashlights. In this scenario, having 2 flashlights really did help me out. My attic does not have a light. If I had only 1, finding that flashlight would have been a lot more challenging.

Do you have a story about a time when the quantity of flashlights you own did you some good?

Wife and I are cleaning the house top to bottom due to house guests coming next weekend. It's family, so the wife is being particularly picky about everything being spot on. She has been after me to clean my basement office for at least two years, so yesterday (rained all day - no bike ride ), I spent the entire day doing it, which mostly involved taking inventory, charging batteries and finding a home for all my flashlight stuff. About 2 pm, heavy thunderstorms came through, the town tornado warning sirens went off and the power went off while we were both in the basement, which is pitch black without lights. I just happened to have 20+ flashlights within arm's reach! I immediately turned 3 on pointed at the ceiling on Medium, grabbed a few more and brought them in to the other room so she could see. We both continued on with hardly an interruption. Her comment? "Good to see those things are good for something."