Using a 4.30V 18650 with a drop-in 4.2V

good morning to all of you.
I’m very new here and I read a lot in this forum. Very helpful with so many advice and so on.
I’ve got a dubt, maybe very silly.
I want upgrade my Ultrafire C8 provided with a 1,5A xm-l emitter with this one from lightmalls:

this drop-in works 4.2V and I have a lot of laptop pulled Samsung 28A rated 4.30V
Charger Opus 3100 V2.2 :what happens to the emitter with 4.3V battery? It will burnst?

I’m thinking of using it only to discover the answer myself LOL

thanks you for create this forum


Will be fine.

Might be better upgrades though.

thank you bdiddle, order placed :slight_smile:

Nothing will happen because the charger can only charge the cells to 4.20V anyway.

both, Opus can charge 4.20 and 4.35V selecting by an internal switch

I’m aware of that. But not to 4.30V. So you can chose to overcharge or undercharge.

right :slight_smile:

…so let’s try it with a new Panasonic NCR18650B fully charged.
it puts out at the tailcap 2,3A while a Samsung 28A is still charging at 4,20V.
I’m satisfied for so little money.
good tracking system, thanks lightmalls