Using "Non High Drain" batteries when I should be using "High Drains" xhp50

Using non high drain batteries such as Keeppower 26650 6000mah’s when I should be putting in the High drain 5200mah KP batteries.

Anything bad going to happen or just a loss of performance?


You will just get a loss of performance, that’s all.

The battery may get warm.
The internal resistance of low drain cells is higher, so it will burn off some of the voltage inside the cell, which produces heat.
The wasted voltage is measurable as “voltage sag”.
High drain cells have low internal resistance, so they burn off a lower voltage inside the cell, producing just a tiny bit of heat.
Less voltage sag.

Due to voltage sag, the battery will not be able to provide enough output when it runs low on charge.
In practice this will probably be the only noticeable draw back.
But when you have a high power light (hard driven XHP50) and you run it for long periods, the cell may get hot.

What light are we talking about?

If it is a buck driver then it will draw more current from the batteries due to their lower voltage under load, causing excess heat and possibly damage.
If it is a DD driver then the output at max will be lower but nothing else will happen.
If it is a linear regulated driver then it will not affect anything unless the current setting is very high and then it will basically act as direct drive like above.

It’s a boost driver.
1x 26650 to a XHP50.

Maybe 2x 26650, then it’s probably a buck driver.

The light may shut down, if the voltage sags below the threshold and it thinks the battery is exhausted.

YOu may not experience the best experience

The lights vary, C8.2, a couple others, then 5 that I’m modding when the parts arrive. I will be modding, F13, A8, M1, and 3 different Zoomies.

Thanks for the helpful replies.

The KeepPower UH2660, while not super high drain, is under the wrap the same cell as the Shockli non-IMR26650 5500mAh, which can do 20A continuous. This means you can safely power up to ≈60W of flashlight beef with just one.


No bucks also.

I will be sure to keep my high drain batteries in the lights I need them in.