USPS Banning International Shipments of Most Battery-Powered Gadgets May 16

Not sure how this will effect BLF'ers from the USA.,2817,2404351,00.asp

It just means we can't ship them abroad, not that we can't receive them or send them to other people within the US.

Seems to be a non issue really. Even if it was a ban on importing and it's not, only exporting....domestic shipping is fine. An import ban would never work, the Chinese don't declare *anything* properly in the first place. Batteries to me usually arrive as "toys/electronics".........including prohibited Lasers, so no big deal either way..

"The U.S. Postal Service will refuse to ship devices containing lithium-ion batteries, such as cell phones, laptops, or e-readers to overseas addresses as of May 16, the USPS said."

I could be wrong here but the article says devices that contain Lithium-Ion batteries, not devices that operate on Lithium-Ion batteries. So unless I'm wrong they shouldn't have a problem with anything shipped without batteries.

You are correct, it's not the device that's the "problem" it's the Lithium battery, however in the case of i-phones, i-pads etc; you can't remove the battery, so you won't be able to export it.

I still don't know why anyone cares about this, who is going to buy an i-pad and then ship it overseas? they sell them in most countries anyhow don't they?

Why not to buy directly from AW? He ships from HK and his shipments have nothing to do with USPS, and as a plus, you'll get newer batches (ones from Lighthound may have been stocked up few months ago).

Overpriced batteries sold to the masses on CPF since they have a better protection circuit.

Yeah, using AW battery with unknown quality cell in it is great idea in this case!

If you want something that is known to be safe you should buy Keeppower 14500 battery, as it uses Sanyo UR14500P cells, instead of unknown quality chinese cells (like the AW batteries do). Good luck finding them retail, though.*Part-12*

Just slightly better price than Lighthound.

ezarc said : " Not sure how this will effect BLF'ers from the USA

This change would directly effect me. I rarely buy less than four at a time.

From 10.26.5 of domestic shipping regulations :

Rechargeable Batteries

4. The mailpiece must not contain more than three batteries.

Bear in mind that shipping from any state to any other , is domestic shipping.

There are also new/ updated packaging requirements for shipping that will likely add to a re-seller / buyers shipping cost.

For your consideration, the new rules.

outbound international shipping

domestic shipping..

A interesting excerpt below :

3. Each cell or battery must meet the requirements of each test in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, and subsection 38.3 as referenced in DOT’s haz­ardous materials regulation at 49 CFR 171.7.

What does it all mean to the average flashaholic ? Not sure yet, but like most government regulations it won't work out well.

I am a little slow (old), but is that $18.75 PER CELL???

Yes, AW cells are that much overpriced.

Non-overpriced cells are e.g. IOS 3100mAh ($14) and Orbtronics 3100mAh ($12)

So we are saying that US based Lithium battery sellers are pretty much screwed then?

They can still sell multiply cells via UPS, FedEx etc that is very expensive to do so; first class mail is very cheap in comparision to private carriers.

It's then going to be much cheaper to order even name brand cells from overseas, and thus the US based retailers are going to lose a lot of sales, those hefty shipping charges do add up quickly if you can't use first class or priority mail.


That is how I see it too and the average person here wonder why the average company cannot compete against overseas companies.

That's seems a pretty fair assessment.

Here's what I can gather at a quick look.

A re-seller can use postal mailing, as long as the package contains not more than X number of batteries. And the batteries are packaged following the guidelines in sections 10.25.5.and 10.26.5. It's note worthy that there are some things in that section that may create a real problem. And I freely admit that I don't know enough about battery production & chemistry to have a solid answer.

The packaging requirements alone will likely add to the final purchase price. Additional weight will definitely increase shipping cost when using first class mail. It may not be a substantial amount, but it will cost more. Using Priority Mail shouldn't be a problem regarding weight, since it's a flat rate of x dollars depending on envelope or box size.The mid-sized box weight limit is something like 70 lbs and even the envelopes have a pretty high weight threshold.

We may ultimately find that even purchasing batteries overseas is effected.Packages coming from Hong Kong, China & etc often arrive at a port in New York and are then sent to the buyers location. Technically speaking from New York to (insert your location here ) is domestic mail. They may not apply it as such, BUT....

I'm really not a doomsayer.

I have however been around long enough to understand that if it can go wrong, sooner or later it will.

WAIT !! This may work out... Our batteries might be shipped in those nifty little plastic storage boxes.

AWW Crap, now I have to order a dozen before the prices go up. Supply & Demand, you know. What ya gonna do? it's always something.. LOL !!!