USPS Lithium battery ban.......Anyone else get this?

I had an E-Bay order from CN A.W.O.L… The day it arrived, 33 days after ordering, I got a message from E-Bay that the USPS had lifted the ban on Lithium batteries as long as they were being shipped with the product they were intended to be used::

I had not realized there was a ban in place.
If I had, I would have ordered differently for certain.

Cheers all

I don’t understand the logic behind this. Isn’t it kinda like saying that you’re not allowed to ship bullets unless they are shipped with a gun? What’s the difference, in terms of how safe it is to ship a bullet?

I guess there would be lots of 2$ lights included in every sale

I don't understand this either. Wasn't the reason for ban on sending li-ion batteries with usps safety? And suddenly safety is not a problem anymore??

Someone pointed out before that one problem with li-ions is the chance of a forkload truck pierceing a consignment of batteries; if they are in an aluminium (or even plastic) light, it is better protected against such damage, and potential fire risk. I’ve really no idea, but it’s a thought.


The rule change says: "USPS® has announced it will once again allow specific quantities of lithium-ion batteries to be shipped internationally when installed in the items they’re intended to operate."

So if you guys outside of CONUS want to order 4 batteries from a U.S. seller, you have to buy 4 flashlights to put them in.

Your wife is never going to believe you....

That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either, since the tynes of a forklift could easily pierce a laptop, a mobile phone, or a tablet, or any number of other easily breakable products that have lithium ion batteries inside them. Even if such items are still considered safer, a better way to deal with the problem (and remain consistent) would be to make it compulsory to ship Li-ion cells in protective cases.

I just got an order from Going Gear via USPS that included three 18650s. There’s a new, huge label on the back of the padded envelope which reads:

|<. {wine glass} |=. {batteries} |>. {flame} |
|<. |=. |>. IF DAMAGED |



For more information, call

Just got mine from them too with the new label.