UTG angle head flashlight

Anyone seen this yet? Was at a gunshow and they had them for $50. Uses two cr123s. Can it take a 18650? If it is any good, it might make a good headlamp. Seems expensive.

Forgot the link

I would assume its not an 18650 light, since they only say CR123 - 6V.
XRE Q5 is out-dated too.

Most angle-head lights are a bit on the $$$ side, not sure why though.

I don’t see how it would be better than three UF-V4 for the price. I’d try a Rofis JR20 before that light.

x2…. having demo’d the JR20 for a bit on a night hike, its definitely a nice light.




Cheaper and much brighter:

Never heard of the Rofis but it looks great. Love the side switch.

You may try a single 17670 or a 16650.
Problem is that there is not much variety in this battery category (beside Ultrafires).
The capacity of these cells is also lower than the capacity of a good 18650.

I did some rsearches just yesterday cause I plan to use one of these sells in a 2*CR123 light.
But availability and prices are not the best……

x2… 17670 cells are my preference for several of my lights that do not accept 18650. These panasonics only measure 1350 mah capacity, and top out at ~2.35A… so they have their limitations, but at least they fit.