utility / camping / kitchen / WC / Auto etc light


Want to explore some utility / camping / kitchen / WC / Auto etc light .

battery AA / AAA / or Li-ion.

magnet backside or hanging hook, easy to carry ,

please suggest.



Magnet, clip, hook and lanyard, tilting head, bright on 1 AA and even brighter on 14500 (but on a 14500 it gets very hot). It tailstands, and sticks to every iron/steel surface (not on stainless steel, because that is not magnetic).


I am using this at work now, and i had to order one more for a colleague. I would like it even more if is was high/mid/low mode (and hidden strobe/SOS like the Fenix MC11), but you can't have everything for $ 10,50. I am not using it on 14500 batteries, because i don't want to explain it can overheat, every time someone else wants to use it.

How about the Black & Decker 360 clamp light? Here on Amazon. Be sure to see this thread's review. I bought one based on the review. Mine is still stock and I was quite impressed with it. It has a very strong clamp, a large magnet, or can stand. Head pivots and swivels any direction. Has flood to throw twist adjustment which works quite well. 12 hours on high on 3 AA's. Can be modded to XM-L for better brighter output. Little pricey at Walmart's now at $25.