Utorch W1 Rechargeable Floodlight for $9.99

Received my Utorch W1 today.

I can confirm that flat tops don’t work with it but Protected cells do work and fit.

I tested it with NCR18650B’s:
Unprotected flattop = Don’t work, no + contact
Protected Littokala = Work and fit fine
Protected Genuine = Work but tight fit

It has no “Utorch” or “W1” Branding, either on the packaging nor the light:

Wow with those pictures I am 100% sure it is the same CAT branded light I bought from costco several months ago. Costco had the 2 pack for $19.99 .

How bright is it? Does it actually really qualify as a work floodlight?

I solve this problem with little magnets.

The heat has no way out.
Pretty pathetic when you think of the thermal path in a 1000 lumen flashlight, which has an Aluminium body in stead of plastic.

Well, ’cause it’s probably actually a Manker or Sofirn or… :smiling_imp:

Acme, Big Top or Binford

It looks like Sofirn is selling it too:

Any more feedback on these? Got mine yesterday, just threw in some AAs to get it going and have a look-see.

Irritating UI. Side-light does almost nothing, and is a waste of a click. Then high, low, and more irritating strobe (wtf for?!? impromptu disco-parties??).

Had it simply been high/low/off, and no side-light at all, it would’ve been pretty good.

Wonder if there’s any way to lobotomise it and have it be just that, vs all the junk-modes.

Didn’t open it up yet, maybe later…

Does it work with AA? not 18650?

It can work with 2x 18650s or 3x AA.

Yeah, both. 3×AA in series, or 2×18650 in parallel.

18650s go in like this == .

AAs go in like this ||| .

I ordered one of THESE yesterday.
A little smaller, no side light, 3 modes (high, low & flash), it takes 2x 18650s or 4x AAs and has several case colour and emitter shape options.

I only ordered one because its on sale for $7.90 at the moment when you use the BG app.

Mine came today. Happy enough with it for what it is. Sanyo GA’s fit, so I’m good to go there. Agree with Lightbringer on the UI, who wants strobe on a work light??? The side light is ok I guess, but a separate switch might have been nice.

Just grabbed two of these 9.99 each.
Wondering if I can swap some better LEDs in it.