Vapcell S4 Plus- Rookie questions

Recent purchase from recommendations here- Makes several different sounds when plugging in and also after unplugging. Just charged Vapcell H10’s over the weekend and notice today when i check voltage in new D3AA it clicks out 4.34 V!
Is this normal? Both the sounds and high charge?

I’m not sure about your charger questions.

Have you verified the battery voltage on a multimeter?

Anduril battery voltage can be calibrated:

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Do you have the newest V3 version? Mine is a V2.I don’t pay much attention, but I believe that the beeps on startup are normal.
Cells come off of my V2 at between 4.21 and 4.22. A bit high for my taste, but much lower than what your D3AA is telling you. I would check the cells with a multi meter to verify termination voltage.

I tend to think that you should go through the calibration process mentioned above. My guess is the light is off with its measurement.

I know nothing about that charger, but I do know that a quality flashlight with that (voltage measurement) feature should ship calibrated. It should not need to be calibrated by the customer as shipped. I can think of no valid excuse for that if it does. If it does, something’s ‘wrong with that picture’.

If Anduril is reset, any manual calibration would be lost, Voltage and Temperature.

The Temperature sensor is built into the MCU.
Luckily the MCU that the D3AA uses is factory calibrated.
So the temperature should be very close across multiple D3AA.
The default Voltage Anduril uses, is adjusted based on the driver hardware that is used, so it should also be fairly accurate.

If the battery is at 4.2v and Anduril shows 4.34v, a 0.14v difference, I don’t think that’s excessive.

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Good chance I goofed it up while attempting to turn off the post aux voltage. Did a reset and all is good now

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