Vapcell S4+ V3 resurrecting battery capacity?

I have a flashlight (OTR M3 from 2018) that needs a high drain liion 16340 battery to give me turbo. My batteries no longer seem to have the ooomph to either get into turbo, or if they do, I get a flashing light after 15 to 30 seconds saying it’s time to recharge.

Otherwise, the batteries work fine, other than having a much shorter runtime compared to when they were new.

Is this something “repairable” by this charger, or is it time to replace the battery(s) for a brand new one? Basically, is it possible to restore capacity on aged batteries?

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This. There’s no “magic” any chargers can do. I relegate lower performance cells into lower performance flashlights to get longer runtimes from the cells.

I googled and found the light you refer to, it seems to take 16340 cells, these will often wear faster than 18650/21700 cells due to the smaller cell size (and, I hypothesise, less R&D that goes into these cells).

I don’t have a lot of personal experience with these cells, so take the recommendation with a pinch of salt, but perhaps a Vapcell T6 would be a good option.

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It sounds like it’s time for some new batteries