Vapcell vs Shockli

Hi, what’s best for high drain flashlight, Vapcell or Shockli? thanks in advance.

What size are you looking for. Both brands rewrap cells made by others. The reason for rewraps is because battery manufacturers typically do not sell directly to consumers and only sell in thousands or tens of thousands so rewrap companies buy them and relabel them in their own wraps. Both Vapcell and Shockli are good rewrap brands that try to obtain the good binned batteries and have usually honest labeling.

I’m assuming you are asking about the 26650 cell for use with the popular MF01 Mini groupbuy. Both of their 5500mah are rewraps of the same cell that I (and many other folks here) measure to be about 5,8xx to close to about 6,000 mah. They are relatively high drain and highest capacity 26650 on the market. Many regard these as the best overall 26650 on the market.