Versatile Solarforce L2 setup for first timer

Hi everyone :). I'm looking for my first real flashlight and the Solarforce L2 series looks interesting. The batteries I will be using for the time being are AA Sanyo Eneloops. I know they make the L2R but I want to see what other options are available to me for using AA's in the other L2 models. I especially like the larger L2i body and was wondering how a single AA works with it and if it could be configured to use 2 - AA batteries. I may eventually go with another battery type and that is why I'm exploring other options. I would also like a model with the most available add-ons like switches, drop-ins and extensions.

I also really need help with picking a drop-in. I know I should use the low voltage drop-ins for the AA's but I have no idea what else to look for. I'm looking for a 5-mode, bright, floody beam with something between a cool and natural color.

Also, could you give me an idea of what brightness to expect with a single AA battery in a L2i and 2- AA's in some other setup with the suggested drop-in? I'm having a hard time finding what a 5, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200 lumen flashlight looks like in real life situations. I will mainly be using this light indoors.

I would prefer to order from a reliable U.S. online store for speedy shipping.

Edit: If you post about a setup could you please post a link to the part even if it is from solarforce-sales? I ask because they have several extensions, etc. with no specs such as length.

Also, does this set include switches?

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Run the low voltage drop in , and you can run a single AA in the L2i

Buy a L2 and a CR123A extension , so you can run 2xAA with a low voltage drop in ...

Buy a L2M [ 18650 ] + CR123A extension ...

CR123A - 18650 or 2xAA ...

Welcome to BLF balloonshark!

Welcome to BLF balloonshark

Welcome balloonshark, we're glad to have you here on BLF!

I say L2r with low voltage XPG . I've purchased 3 of them .

Welcome balloonshark! Ibelieve that setup includes everything you need to get multiple options so you can lego it to whatever setup you want. aa aaa 18650 16340. just gotta make sure your drop in can support higher voltage if you go with 2x16340. you can try here in the US. but that one at solarforce with the multiple bodies is the way to go and solarforce ships pretty quick for $2 S&H.

Welcome to BLF, BalloonShark! You definitely have a good grasp on what you need for a nice setup.

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old4570, Thanks very much for the configurations! That was exactly what I was looking for.

jamesearljonesisacab, Thanks for the info on the multi-set. It's very tempting as it would only be $10 for 2 extra bodies.

For a drop-in I guess I'm looking for a 5 mode XP-G or XM-L because they are more floody from what little I have read. The lowest voltage I can find on a XM-L 5 mode is 3-6 volts. Would a single or double AA or even a triple AAA setup power it?

Any other drop-in help is appreciated. I have no idea of where else to look for a drop-in that will work with the L2's.

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I have used these low voltage drop ins from Lighthound they are pretty good but only 3 mode, quick delivery in the US also.

Why don't you get an L2i and run 3xAAA Eneloops in it? It is a nice size light, it is cheaper than most S/F bodies, and it looks great and feels good in the hand.

E1320, What LED is in that drop-in?

trooplewis, Right now I'm leaning towards the 3 host set which includes the L2i. I'll probably use the 3xAAA setup but I only have 8-AAA Eneloops and 34-AA batteries which mostly consist of Rayovac 4.0's.

You might want to get a drop in that is rated up to 8.4v depending on what batteries youre going to use. that set just gives you many options but the highest voltage youd need would be 2x16340s or 2x14500 or 8.4v

I wasn't going to mess with other battery types at this time. I just wanted to keep the option open. I want to take my time and learn more about them like I did before I bought LiPo batteries for my RC's.

The problem with AAA's is that all 3 of them only have the capacity of 1 AA, plus they run the drop-in's at full power (rather than the half or so power of lower voltage drivers) so battery life can be low. However I have a 21550 battery in the mail which may help solve the the dilemma of AAA lights.

Personally, if you're getting 3 or more lights, I'd get 1 low voltage light just in case, and go straight to 18650's for the next two. Get the Xtar pair from the group buy on the forum, they are superior cells, and the xtar charger which is probably the best cheapo one.

jacktheclipper, can you measure the current on your LV XPG's with AA's and also when you bought them? I wanted to get one or more, but someone said a bit back the newer ones have low draw problem which I don't know is a temporary or permanent thing. It will also probably help others here looking for low voltage solution.

Also, I meant low voltage capable host above, the low voltage dropin's can run direct drive on a litium cell.