video of LD25 output current setting ,wish you success!

Adjusting medium mode only?

every mode can be set ,this is just a example

Which is the upper limit of high mode?

i will ask the manufactory ,i set the high mode 3.1A before


This can be done on all (old) LD-25 drivers?

yes,you can try

about 0mA to 3100mA, every mode


Thank you Simon. Also, well done with your video skills.

Thanks, Simon!
Can you ask the manufacturer, please - is there some way to disable SOS and strobe permanently?
I often use my flashlight just for the couple of seconds, so I unintentionally activate these damn blinkies all the time |(

I have to wonder what the ld25 tops out at with some resistor modding. I guess i will order some and find out

Can you make the strobe slower?

several days later ,i will have LD25 with these modes: low-mid-high (hidden strobe,switch by double-half-pressing the tail button)

Thank Simon,
I wonder if we apply this trick with the KEY contacts on LD-33?

I’ve seen HKJ wrote in his review of the LD-33

“The ”Key” is not a mode change or a on/off switch.

It will increase the led current slowly when shorted, it goes up to 3.5A led current. The increased value is stored for that mode and I did not find a way to reduce the current again. I.e. my driver now has 3 modes, each with 3.5A through the led.”

i will ask the manufactory how to reduce the current of LD33

the set method as the same as LD25

  1. To increase current, hold “set” to “ground”.
  2. To reduce current, “tap tap tap” “set” key to “ground”.

Is that correct?