Video of what happens when a battery is charging.

Saw this on slashdot.

Can't get to the linked video just now as the site has been Slashdotted.

Interesting and nice video Don! Thanks! Science!

I thought this will something like that:

theres nothing safe about what they are doing. idiots

You have right.

But, when a cheap charger gone bad, the result can be the same with li-ion.

Hey what a good time expose the whole family to toxic gases ...Rednecks by any other name still amaze us all with their stupidity

It seems they are doing it outside...

When i was that young weirdos used glue for their kicks...

New times new chemicals... same idiocy i guess. XD

Two people in my class were charged under the Explosives Act in 1976. They were playing with home-made explosive devices, and got a bit carried away one day, managing to kill the power to about 500 houses around the substation that did not appreciate a 2kg explosive device detonating close to it.

I don't think any generation hasn't had those - and if you look around it really isn't hard to make things blow up. This was long before there was an Internet to tell you how to make stuff blow up.

In my days as a chemist, we were always finding new ways to accelerate small pieces of glassware past the speed of sound, though all of them were unintentional. Any chemist who hasn't had an explosion or two just isn't trying.