Video Review: Lumintop Copper Tool. XPG2 CW All Copper Flashlight. Plus Copper.

Hey there BLF. Lumintop has re-released their tool, which everyone knows, but still makes for a funny sentence. I don’t know if I really need to explain much about this light, other than it’s made of copper. For people who haven’t seen anything about the light, it’s a 3-mode, AAA powered flashlight. Lumintop provided this for review, and sent me the version most people don’t want- the XP-G2 cool white emitter option. But you can get it in a nice NW tinted Nichia emitter, if you are so inclined.

Anyway, I’ve tested outputs, compared it to other lights in a big beamshot section, and shot plenty of real world usage situations in my dingy cellar. Ok, this will be my last review for the year, so Merry Christmas everyone! Oh and feel free to ask any questions or make comments.

EDIT: I made a mistake in the video. I said the light has mode memory and it does not. It indeed starts in medium, and with each half press then goes MLHMLHML. If the light is left off for less than 3 seconds it behaves like next mode memory. I apologize, but when I was initially testing the mode memory I noticed it had next mode memory when turning it on and off quickly. I must have had it on medium for the next several times when I left it off for 4 seconds or more and then thought it had stayed on that mode. I truly apologize. Some CPF members pointed this out and I tested again to verify this.

l enjoyed you review. Like your humor. Did you check the fuses. How many flashlight guys does it take to screw in a light bulb ?

Great holidays for you too!!! And thanks for the review!!!

I’m thinking I should just phase them out altogether and use my flashlights… What do you think?

Happy holidays!

Thanks for the review. If you lived here you had the light switch of with it pointing up.

Thanks for the as always entertaining review, it sure is a nice light :-)

I also hear your toilets are opposite ours. Although I’m not sure how you poop upside down.

It’s tiny and classy and makes a great ornament!

The effort you put into these really shows. Thanks for sharing another good one.

Thanks! I mostly make the sorts of videos I’d want to see. I don’t think it necessarily translates into a bigger views or the manufacturers care, but I like trying to continually improve and tweak my formula.

Now I want a copper Meteor M43 because of your intro…

Thanks for another great video review!

Great voice,your way of making these reviews/short films is stylish and informative.Good sense of humour !

Which begs the question, would an all copper meteor help with output? I’ll just suggest that to Hank!

I just try to make it entertaining and keep the pace moving, Thanks! I tried to shoot much more of this one in low light, than the last one.

Your video flows very nicely. Well thought-out and executed. Thank you for publishing it!

If that goes off, put me down for one…. Does Craigslist let you list kidneys for sale anymore?

I think it’s buried somewhere in the personals section.

You did it again! It looks so “easy” at first sight. But then …. Every time I watch it, I discover something new. Next thing to do is a scan for subliminal messages.

edit: and the light is not so bad either.

Yeah the light ain’t too bad. Plus it’s copper!

Merry Christmas! Good review but where the hell is Grover???????

Brilliant video, yet again. Love these.

I too am sensitive to Low PWM, not many of us seem to be.

Noticed No Stroooooooobe?

All the Best.

Splott-Light :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!

It’s a shame they sent you the CW, but I’d love to see a review for the Nichia BLF SF-348.