Video Review: Lumintop Copper Tool. XPG2 CW All Copper Flashlight. Plus Copper.

I’m working on it. I plan to reuse the beamshot section in this review for it. Yeah not a big cool white fan either.

He’s currently sitting in front of me. Oh IN THE VIDEO! I’m sure he’ll show up in future versions, when he needs to be dog sat.

No strobe anywhere on this light man. Fine by me.

Just a quick update. I made a mistake in the video. I said the light has mode memory and it does not. It indeed starts in medium, and with each half press then goes MLHMLHML. If the light is left off for less than 3 seconds it behaves like next mode memory. I apologize, but when I was initially testing the mode memory I noticed it had next mode memory when turning it on and off quickly. I must have had it on medium for the next several times when I left it off for 4 seconds or more and then thought it had stayed on that mode. I truly apologize. Some CPF members pointed this out and I tested again to verify this. OP has been updated and I’ll make an annotation in the video.