Video Review Thorfire KL03


Just a simple review and tear down.

Thanks for the review.Not a bad little flashlight although it would be better with no PWM and strobe. Thanks for posting :slight_smile:


Watching the video on youtube in 720p, it looks like the led says XPE. You can only see the top line of the E when you’re moving it around and the lighting changes.

Thanks OL. You may of mentioned it and I missed it but is the driver 17mm?

Looks like a good host alternative to an ultrafire 602c…

A good host for a qlite and xpl Hi.

I didn’t say, but it should be 17mm.


Ordered one.

Will be a good flashlight to keep in the car glove box, for tire changes at night etc, which always seem to happen in the winter.

Will likely stick in a Q-lite GuppyDrv driver, and an XP-L Hi V2 3C…

For just over 4 British pounds, it seems a bargain.

I bought one from Banggood (US warehouse). it does not have visible PWM on low. I’m not sure why one would ever use the strobe option.
Very happy with the light and BG.