Video series - Modding the HD2010

Great videos, thanks for taking the time to record.

Glad the copper pills are being used, sorry they’re not completely smooth where they contact the PCB.

I am now ready to try a mod after watching your excellent video on how to mod.

I’ve just ordered two C8 Convoys for modding. Thanks to your videos it might go as planned and very smooth.

I would guess price at about $20-$24, but I am not sure till I get confirmation back from tmart. My concern is if they have enough lights to fill the requests. I told them from 50 to 100 at most. I should hear something more definite in another day or two. I got an answer last night late, but it was the wrong answer, LOL.

Guess they were like “What the… 50 to 100?

I’ve watched it all and I must say that I enjoy in your voice and the way you presenting and sharing your knowledge and experience. Very informative tips for beginners :slight_smile:

Great videos!
Can you post a link to the soldering station you are using? I am looking for a decent affordable one, and if it is good enough for the great Old Lumens, I’m sure it’s good enough for me. :bigsmile:

I have this one from hobbyking works fine for small SMT electronics…

I haven’t had time to watch the newer vids, but I believe a while ago he said he uses

I’ve got the same one. Works great for flashlight modding.

Yes, I believe it goes by a couple brand names. I bought this

and spare tips for it.

along with a replacement head when it burns out.

I watched all the mods from beginning to end and I really enjoyed watching them,as you made it easy to watch for sure!! I have a few questions regarding Part 3,around 17:20 where you are fastening the led to the star……how did you prepare the led prior to soldering to the star (did not show that part)….I guess there was enough solder and clean enough when you removed it from the original star??
Also,regarding the heat factor……since you held you solder tip to the bottom of the star to melt the solder on the led,how much solder tip heat could that led take without destroying it?
I have that same light and I may try that mod you did,but probably would take me a whole day or more!!! Great video!! Thanks,HB

Thanks! Looks like just what I need.

I did nothing to prep the led. I just set it back on the new star. 2 tips on the soldering iron method. The led will “settle onto the star” when the solder melts. You will be able to see it. Also, since you use flux, when the solder melts, the + and - pads will get shiny when they are melted and turn a bit dull when they are cold. You will know when you have gone too far, as the masking layer will turn color or actually pop up from the heat, but the led will still be ok. Practice on a star a few times, with no led and you will get used to how long it takes to heat up and you will be able to see when the solder melts that way.

Thanks….just wondering if there are some sort of centering tabs on the star when soldering the led so that it’s dead center,or do you just eye-ball it and then move the whole assembly when securing the star to the pill with the bezel screwed on?
I have never done any of this,but just going through my “mind’s eye’ right now. Thanks,HB


Thank you very much for putting this Group Buy together and for all your time and effort to make this “Old-Lumens On Line Modding Course” free to all members of BLF :slight_smile:

I have build a few lights but this series helped me in many details I was missing.
Your attention to detail on every step answers questions before they could be asked.
All the little things add up very fast and would take years to learn or figure out and a person may not have figured out some of the basic things you pointed out.

You have to watch this a couple of times to be sure you have not missed something.


There are no centering tabs on a star, emitter will self align when solder melts, no additional alignment is necessary.

Love OL`s videos... very informative and educational!

He actually got me to do a few things on my lights (using steel wool to clean the threads) and copper braid another light.

OL is THA best!


Where does one get copper braid?

It’s solder wick. Easy to find.

You got any cheapie leds or spares out of any lights lying around? Go reflow them off and back on again, so you get to see what is happening. It’s pretty easy and really, the led tends to center itself when the solder gets hot, but it will require some practice to get it right.