Video Shout-out to BLF while out fishing in Hilo Bay, Hawaii

Aloha BLF! My buddy Norm and I went out fishing today and I made a few videos, one of which is a Shout-out to BLF. The videos might be a bit shaky since we were out on a boat in the middle of Hilo Bay. Some of the things I pointed out might be hard to see as they were too far away. So now you all can finally put a face (and a fat body) to all the posts you see on BLF by fishinfool.

Heading out into Hilo Bay 1-28-2011

Norm's beer blessing in Hilo Bay 1-28-2011

BLF (Budget Light Forums) Video Shoutout 2011-1-28

Nice videos, thanks for sharing! "Captain Norm" looks either hung over or pissed in the first vid

I got to spend a little time on Oahu years ago as a pre-deployment stop before heading over to the gulf. Did a bit of hiking around Diamond Head, and of course, spent some time of those beautiful beaches... Grrr, thanks for making me miss it now!

The last video is private though, I wasn't able to watch it. Also, how did the fishing turn out? Did the beer blessing work?


Sorry about the 3rd video being private but it should work now.

The beer blessing did work but the fish were pretty small. We were really hoping for some tuna or even marlin but around 2 hours after we started out, the weather turned nasty so we had to head back in. Next week will hopefully be better fishing and weather.

Thank for the upload, fishinfool!

I'd like to fish too, but all the lakes up here are frozen, of course not enough to go ice-fishing :~

Maybe the blessing was unbalanced? After blessing the boat, the rods and the motor was there enough beer left to "bless" the fishers as well? ;)

Little beer -> small fishes,

large beer (or whole case) ->

Video looks great, I would kill to be on Hawaii right now, but sadly I am in sad grey place with subzero temperatures, no snow of course (that would be too nice)

Thanks guys but we did have plenty of beer.....we always do. :bigsmile: The weather gods didn't cooperate though. We're going again next week so hopefully the weather will be much better and give us more time to hunt down the big fish.

Thanks for the vids - and the namecheck! Round here, fishing can be unbelievably expensive. My grandfather tried teaching me to fish as he'd been brought up in Ballater beside the Dee. He wasn't so keen after the time a failed cast of mine hooked his ear...

My brother used to hate going to Hawaii - but that was more to do with how well (or not) he got on with the USAF anti-submarine crews. Which is what he spent 20 years doing in the RAF.

He may be the only person ever to say, "Oh no! Not Hawaii again."

LOL "Oh no! Not Hawaii again." That's funny Don. You don't hear too many people say that.

Tight lines, then!

BTW where did you catch the halibut in your picture? Not in Hilo bay I assume?

Cool. Thanks for the video and for thinking of us while you were out on the water on such a nice day (looked nice, I guess it got worse later).

That was in Alaska. I've caught hundreds of halibut but the one in the pic was my biggest at 173 lbs. It was quite the battle getting that thing in the boat but it doesn't compare to the 450# marlin I caught last year in Kona. It was a monster!

That's me in the chair fighting the marlin and my buddy Norm steering the chair.

Here's the blue marlin next to the boat after an hour long battle. It was about 12 feet long and around 450 pounds. Now that's a FISH!

oh WOW. I dream of getting back out to Hawaii and catching a marlin!!

Thanks for the vids fishinfool!

Beautiful and impressive! I envy you for the experience, and the fish, of course! The most delicious fish I ever had was smoked Blue Marlin, but it was in a restaurant. I guess it tastes at least twice as good if caught self!

Just another day in paradise ,,

That's not how i picture hawaii .... Hey were 's the 60 foot waves and the surfin chickittas ??

i love that boat ..,i;ll send ya pics of mine ..all 8 of em ..9 if you count the zodiac //highly distressed ..

(is a sunfish a boat?)

60 foot waves? Here we call that a tsunami Tongue out and hopefully won't see one for a long time. A sunfish would be considered a boat. Can't wait to see your pics though.

Anytime brted.

Yeah the weather changed drastically in about 2 hours but that's usually how it is on my side (east side) of the island. The west side gets much better weather and a lot more fish....and a lot bigger fish. They also get the best surfing waves which ofcourse comes with more women in bikinis. Cool

Thanks for the post. Its great to see you doing your thing on the bay. But I was rather distressed to see all those wasted suds, and what appeared to be an empty ice chest without more soldiers to replace it. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with blessing the engine while out at sea. Wonder if that works for finicky flashlights too? Beautiful marlin BTW!

Thanks Flash. That 450# marlin was a monster but could you imagine a marlin well over a thousand pounds? They call marlins over 1000#'s 'Granders' and after fighting the one I did, I can't imagine fighting a Grander.Undecided

The beer blessing thing was Norm's idea. I would have just said a few words and drank all the beer myself. Maybe next time I'll have him beer bless my lights too but then again I think I'll just drink the beer myself. Laughing

Damn that thing is huge! I'd post a pic of the whopper I caught a few years ago, but I think you'd just confuse it with bait.

I've fished all kinds in Alaska and size wasn't an issue. If you use the right set-up, a 1 to 2 pound fish puts up one a hell of a fight. I loved fishing for grayling and trout on 2# test. Light tackle makes every fish fight like a whopper plus it's flat out pure fun to fish with.