(Video) Sofirn IF19 Mini Thrower, SST40 vs SFT40

This took a lot of testing since there’s currently no manual for the official specs, so I had to measure everything which I don’t normally do.

The IF19 with SFT40 beats my IF22A, but it’s not anywhere near as good, such as, it’s entirely unregulated, even moonlight mode.


Thanks for the video, I’ll be getting one when it ’s released again, I like that it fits the Wurkkos tube… so it should also lego with the Sofirn magnetic caps!

Does anyone know if this is actually going to be available again? Someone on reddit wrote it was in production for an emitter swap to SFT40, but I couldn’t find that info here or anywhere else.

Next month it’ll be available

OK thanks

So small! I’d lose that in my pocket.