View from the deer stand.

Best I can do with phone from phone.

Really nice day, almost 70.

Almost 70 huh? Enjoy it. Here in Des Moines we started the day at 65, by 5pm it will be 40, steadily dropping all day.

Looks like you got a nice spot there… :slight_smile:

Gotta say I’m a bit jealous.

Looks like you’ve already had a bit of cooler weather there since most of the trees have lost their leaves. About half of the leaves are still hanging on here. We’ve only had a single cool spell where it got down into the mid-40s once, but we have a cold-front on the way.

Currently 74, with a forecast low of 38 tonight, 31 tomorrow. Looks like me might get our first frost of the season this weekend.

Only 70? It was 86 yesterday here in Texas. Today it will be 58. Beck into the 70’s next week.

Yeah, thats how Texas does weather lol.

White Christmas? Nah, we get mad round here if that happens, it totally ruins the yearly touch football game!

Looks very nice, I’d have to whip out my Remington 700 7mm rem. mag. Sendero }) . I’m not going to do be able to do any hunting this season :frowning: because my hunting partner (my wife) that wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant because of medical reasons…is due in May :smiley: ^:)

mmmmmmm can smell and taste it already….pan fried back strap /grits and eggs…


It was a nice balmy 17 this morning. I am sure it is going to be the same for the next week or so.

Was hoping to see a couple of doe feeding with their young, and maybe a 10 point with his head sticking out :wink:
good luck, it looks like a nice spot.

Very nice.

Anybody show up for the free truck ride?