Vintage Lights

Langcjl’s recent post about a retro light from the 60’s he bought for $1 (incan) peaked my interest as well and I bought a similar light (ebay).

How many of you have either a collection or just happen to have a few older pre-LED and pre_Maglite flashlights?

When I was a kid most of the lights were silver (polished aluminum). I think the partially painted aspect of the light Lancjl found was part of the attraction for me.

Do any of you have lights similar to that one? Or maybe there were some other colorful lights from that era that I haven’t seen? I’ve only recently started looking at “vintage” lights on ebay.

My interest really is just to find one or two lights like that rather than to start a collection.

I've not seen metal bodied older lights in a long time - since the 70's round here they all had plastic bodies.

And weren't very good.

Im going to start keeping my eyes open. Like I said in the other thread I make the rounds of the consignment shops looking for a caravel or pepina espresso machine. Over the years that quest has led me to lots of cool things. No telling how many cool old flashlights I have passed up. Not any more.

i have a vintage metal light, with screw driver attachments somewhere. its in great shape... maybe the next raffle?

edit: found it. its an AshFlash. looks like a 2c

complete set, i bet its never been used

That is pretty cool.

Curious about which thread this was, I must have missed it.


Here it is

from my days at sea on tankers:

This is the 2D version. (From Flashlight Museum).

Thanks, Langcjl.

Similar to Lang, I only paid a few dollars for some of these older lights. Hoping to one day mod some of these guys.


Nice Foy! I’m especially interested in knowing more about the one with the “fisheye” lens…gold colored third from the right and the “wood colored” smaller light on the left between the larger wood colored light and the large red light.

What brand/model/age are those lights? Thanks.

Third from the right is a 2D Eveready aspheric from 1913. It looks gold in this picture but it's nickel plated.

The "wood colored" light on the left is also an Eveready - it's a 2C brass Baby Miner's Lamp from 1926.

The miner's light works but the aspheric needs a complete overhaul.

My favorite is that tall brass Homart. It's a 3D Miner's light from 1937 and it works. It needs a new glass lens - somebody rudely cut a piece of plexiglass and it looks stupid. That's the one I want to put a triple T6 in.


That would be bright, yes :slight_smile:

I've wanted to get something vintage, but I can never seem to find what I want. I'm looking for something with a big head (3"), 2 or 3 cell, and takes PR bulbs. I can find a few fitting the first two criteria, but I'm just never sure what brands/models use screw in bulbs and which use PR base bulbs. Whatever I get I would want to use a ROP or 5cell Mag bulb and a pair of li-ons.

Foy, I hope you do that mod and show it off. I have bought several vintage lights over the years, but I have given up on modding them and sold them all off. I can't see how to have a heatsink. Since the batteries sit right up aginst the back of the bulb, there's no spacing/room to put a heatsink or a circuit board in and the metal (more like tin) on them is not a good heatsink in itself, so if you figure it out, I hope you show it.

Nice collection you have too!