Voltera circuit board printer and such like

Found this in a ham radio magazine (May 2015 ARRL, “Eclectic Technology” column by Steve Ford WB8IMY)

For now, very new, it’s $1500. And it’s interesting.

It will take an input from a computer simulation —- a program to design a circuit board (he mentions “MultiSIM BLUE for WIndows” offered by Mouser — free at MultiSIM BLUE | Mouser )

And if you have that software, there’s hardware:

The Voltera V-One http://voltera.io

“prints two-layer printed circuit boards … on FR4 substrates according to the output of your printed circuit board design software …. It even has the capability to flow-solder your components onto the boards”

Might be interesting to see how much overlap there is between ham radio, flashlight, RC, and other groups who could cooperate on something like this, now or eventually