Waiting for next batch [AMZ US Available Now] $49.99 Sofirn SP36 Anduril Version

I think one reason already mentioned is that the SP36 with LH351D is floodier (less “punch” in the center hotspot). It has a creamy smooth tint from hotspot to the corona, unlike the harsher difference of the SP36 XP-L2 where the hotspot is a visibly different color temperature than the corona.

Hi guys, I was playing with those fancy modes Anduril on the SP36 for comparison with the MF01S Anduril.

Noticed something unusual or different.

In the MF01S, at Muggle mode max ramp, immediately it steps down in a very noticeable step ramping(ramp down more than 10 times). Read the MF01S manual, found something written that the temp sensor might be off. When i checked the temp, indeed, the calibration was off. Re-calibrate the sensor and it works fine now.

For the SP36, at Muggle mode max ramp, after about 5 seconds, it straight away ramp down to floor in 1 step. I checked the temp and it was off too. Before applying a re-calibration step mentioned in the MF01S manual, I checked the SP36 manual and nothing was written regarding the step down. Well, it’s Anduril, I just proceed to re-calibrate the sensor. Temp is ok now after calibration. But this time, on the SP36, unsuccessful. It still step down to floor after 5 seconds.

Anyone experience this?

I understand it’s not really a big issue that maybe most of us don’t use the muggle mode.

I’m just wondering if something is wrong and will lead to something else or worse…

I finally bit the bullet and ordered one. I’m curious though, does anyone know what tint bin was used for the SP36 or is it a lottery?

That is because the SP36 used an older version. In the older version, muggle mode responded to every temperature warning by panicking and going directly to the lowest level. In newer versions, it tries to adjust in smaller steps.

Additionally, older versions had a lot more jitter in the measurements, so they were more prone to sending spurious temperature warnings. Newer versions put the measurements through a strong lowpass filter to avoid that.

Oh… got it now. Thanks for replying ToyKepper.

SP36 Pro 4*SST40 emitter,8000LM expect at the end of month have available

I assume you mean the end of October 2020 from Amazon

Wish I had seen this earlier, just ordered the Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril 4*Samsung LH351D 5650lm from Ali.

6.500K or 5.000K? Anyway, even 6.500K was reported to be much warmer than expected, more likely to be around 5.700K. :+1:

I hope it’ll come in 4000k (but 5000k is also fine) :smiley: Will it be able to charge with a type c - type c cable? And will it have powerbank functionality? IMO that’s a nice to have for “just in case” situations, I carry powerbank(s) with me but integrated functionality in this beast of a flashlight will give me more peace of mind…

I suggested Sofirn to look for a Px flux bin and a DC or DD chromaticity bin of SST40, being around 4.800K. This one seems to please most of us, being quite neutralwhite and not greenish, see Wildtrail's BLF D80v2.

If I recall correctly from the SC31 Pro thread, Sofirn is definitely interested in SST40 4.000K but so far it is difficult for them to source.

Type C-C cable compatibility should be easy to achieve. Basically, it's just two additional resistors in the USB-C port to make it work. But even with USB-C (type C-C) it will still be using 5V 2A (10W) or maybe 12V 1.5A (18W) as we have seen it before in Sofirn's SP36S, see my picture below for reference. A powerbank mode ("reverse charging") would be great but my guess is that SP36 Pro will not come with that feature as it requires significant driver changes. But maybe we will be surprised... ;-) Since Wurkkos has introduced reverse charging with their new HD20 model, I am confident that Sofirn will eventually offer this functionality, too. I hope that future driver revisions will offer the PowerDelivery protocol with 36W (12V 3A) for faster recharging.

Nice! Guess I’ll possibly get myself another SC31 Pro in the future then :slight_smile:

Yeah I was looking up info about type c - c and I might try to mod my SC31 Pro and/or make an adapter which adds resistors to “activate” 5V power on PD compliant chargers.

Cool! I did not know the SP36S had this functionality so I hope/assume they’ll add it to the SP36 Pro too!

Yeah I have the same feeling, and yes I was pleasantly surprised by this functionality of the HD20 which was one of the reasons why I ordered it. I kinda feel bad they didn’t include this functionality on the SC31 Pro though, since I carry this light everywhere with me in my backpack and powerbank functionality would save me some weight without also carrying a dedicated powerbank. I don’t see me carrying the HD20 everywhere.

Do you/anybody have any idea if powerbank functionality is also planned for a future revision of the LT1? Apart from the SP36 that’s another light I also want to get but might wait a little longer for a new version to come out…

If I got Barry right, the USB-C output "powerbank" feature for LT1 is being tested by Sofirn already. Let's hope we get to read some amazing news anytime soon. :-)

That’s awesome to hear! I’ll be sure to hold off buying an LT1 then for now, I won’t really need it anytime soon… Let’s hope I can buy it by the end of the year on Aliexpress because the import rules will change in the EU and buying directly from China will certainly get more difficult and/or expensive :frowning:

standard tint will be 6000-6500K, 5000K will also be available by then.

sell through sofirnlight.com

Когда поступит в продажу ?

Can’t wait for this, hopefully 5000K will be available!

I am just trying to use this light in smooth ramp and now I have no idea what is wrong with this light.

Originally, my issue was that the light would blink 3 times when I was trying to use it, and then it would step down to a lower brightness.

Now I can’t even turn my light on without some crazy stupid option.

Could I get some help? Is there a feature to reset this thing?

Smooth ramp should be 3 clicks while on. Make sure your batteries are charged. Reset the light by holding the button and screwing the light back together. Are you familiar with Anduril the operating system?