Wall of light mtg2 from RMM

Got my BTU Shocker and Mtg2 M1 from Richard today. I am amazed at the output from the M1, a wall of light, nice flood, and medium gives off alot of light at under 2 amps. High is awesome, for little bursts anyway. Still waiting for batteries to fully charge for the shocker. Very satisfied.

Are you happy with the spill? My MTG2 C8 that Dale made has a surprisingly narrow spill. It makes me think that I'd want to take a different route. Perhaps a S6 with two of Richards pill spacers and a MTG2 with no reflector. It'd be pure flood and as much spill as possible.

You've reminded me that I need to play with my Shocker more. I've had mine for over a month, but barely did more than point it at a hill for a few seconds.

I thought that’s what we were supposed to do, use them for a few seconds and look for another one. It’s a shame how few seconds of run time my lights have.

If that's the case, then I'm doing great. Many of my lights have been used for no more than a few minutes, many for mere seconds, and even a few that haven't even had a battery installed.

I tend to push em for all they’re worth power wise, then run em til I can’t hold onto em anymore. Shift gears to let em cool and do it again. Our “driveway” is about 260 yds long so I use the excuse that I have to walk the trash down the lane to “play” with a select light or 3 (4?) I like seeing how they perform under different ambient conditions, a really cold night they can run as long as I need, while a warm night (which we have more of) I have to watch the heat.

Heck, I even ran Richard and Comfy’s S6 SSSP for a 5 minute test run to check output and heat buildup. It only got 143 degrees at the head, 133 at the tail. That’s only running 5.34A, not the full out onslaught of 5.8. One of these days I’ll get one to actually deplete a cell to shut down point…

With almost 50 lights, virtually every one has been modified, played with on a semi-regular if not daily schedule, and is standing by with a charged cell at any given moment. Spare charged cells are standing by for additional use. :slight_smile:

The spill is pretty nice, it lights up my kitchen with a lot of light when dark. Almost like my j18 UF. Its definately on the floody side, whicj I like, personal pref. I guess.