Wallbuys and EMS

I want a BTU Shocker and thinking about getting one from Wallbuys. $25 off. $25 for EMS shipping.

Is it worth using EMS shipping. I dont want to wait til next year before I get the light and I dont mind paying the $25 for expedited shipping.

Any input would be great!


honestly i would just get free shipping as $25 is more than 25% of the cost of the light

everything i have ordered from wallbuys usually arrives in 7-21 days

but im cheap

if you really want the light now i guess you could try it… i would think at best its going to take about 5 days to get to you

although who knows

i ordered something from ric at cnq via ems and it arrived in 36 hours :open_mouth:

Still debating. I just dont wanna have to file a paypal claim or be one of those that is still waiting on something a couple of months later.

I look at it like this. I’m paying retail and getting free expedited shipping.

I ordered from international seller via Ems some times if it gets sent with DHL express than it is faster in your hands than the chinaman can say: “I like to eat dog” but if it is just another crappy packet style it can take weeks…

for example I ordered last year something heavy from hobbyking via DHL it took over a month…
Ordered a flashlight from taiwan(maybe from cnq too…) which was sent with dhl express,order accepted Friday, Monday morning I held it in my hands.
Also they arrange the customs tax for you so you pay the tax to the delivery man.

Actually it is DHL express.

How much is the customs tax?? Ball park figure.?

Depends on your country, and on the value.

here in Germany I have to pay 19% sales taxes for the whole value(item+shipping cost) until 200$ above that additional customs duty. Orders below 29$ are free.

+1. I agree with jmpaul320. I have only ordered 3 times from Wallbuys but they have been as fast and reliable as any other Chinese dealer.
Save your $25.

Thanks Manx.