Wallbuys: new coupon code - 2/20/2013 / 3/31/2013

Hi there, I received an email from them,

coupon code:NEW WALLBUYS 2013
discount :15% off
on sale 8 items:

Fenix E01 Nichia white GS LED 1XAAA mini keychain black flashlight (SKU5365 )
Fenix E11 CREE LED black flashlight 1XAA Max 105Lm Waterproof torch (SKU5359)
Fenix Flashlight belt clip AB02 attach E21,LD10,LD15,LD20,LD25,PD10,PD20,PD30 (SKU5380)
Sunwayman R20A R5 4-mode memory High power 180Lumens 2XAA flashlight (SKU 5414)
NiteCore T5/T5s Cree R5 LED mini keychain 1XAAA stainless steel flashlight (SKU 5430)
XENO TW42 flashlight Diffuser Cap/instructions rod/signal lamp/water cup fit G42/F42 (SKU 5336)
XENO HD42 V1 flashlight holster bag fit XENO G42/F42 with MOLLE system (SKU5349)
XENO E03 V3 LED black flashlight CREE XP-G R5 High power LED 220Lm waterproof torch AA or 14500 (sku5330)

event time:2/20/2013 / 3/31/2013

This has been advertised by wallbuys themselves in another thread. This thread, I’m sure, can be deleted. Thanks for the information though. :slight_smile:

Then sorry for this, pls delete. :slight_smile:

first time i heard, thanks