Wallbuys seckills (VIPkills) lights is refurbished?

i wonder how they able to sell lights so cheap( not that i’m complaining) way… below other sellers.
to the point that other sellers can’t or won’t bother to match their price.
question is,… are their light refurbished or factory reject?
i got this 9 LEDs light from them… when i take a look at the driver, this is what i see
anybody else have the same issue? or is it just my luck i got factory reject? :expressionless:

You might be right. My second K2 looks like it has some sloppy Fujik under the driver where my first one looked really clean. I'd be totally willing to buy rejects if I knew what the problem was since I buy many lights as hosts. For example, I'd be okay with a blown LED or driver, but not okay with a nasty reflector or stripped threads.

I believed they are ready stocks in their warehouses. Used for doing promotion and attracting new customers. Selling for way below their cost price I suppose.
As in all sales items throughout the world, it is a sale item… so not returns, I suppose.
Drop cherry an email. She should be able to help you.

If this is a problem, it’s a recent problem. I haven’t ordered from WB in a couple of weeks-months but all my stuff looked first quality. I didn’t get in on any of the recent hour sec kills so maybe that’s what they are doing now.

My stuff has all appeared brand new……

No problems with any kill sale stuff that I received. So far so good.

I know some of their promotion product costing level and few of them their sell below on the own costs but only few. Factory prices are really low lewel if quantity of item are f.e. more than 100pcs. Most of are really seconds quality, scratch etc…

well… the outside of the body looked brand new… actually all my lights from them looked new, i just never open the driver and take a look at it before.
maybe it was just one of my luck :frowning:

All my lights from WB have been in great/new condition. And I have teared them all to pieces as well.

Guess you got unlucky..

If the tin was warmed up with a solder iron, to get it out evenly. And if you then washed away the flux ( with acetone/isopropanol -if that is the US name), it would probably look much better. Not that it would make a difference in terms of performance. Its only cosmetics it seems.

The important thing is the component side of the driver circuit..