Wallbuys Tracking

only got 9’s. I think that may be the problem. :bigsmile:

Although Chinese, http://www.17track.net/ is a good tracking system that congregates info form many many shipping systems.

I unsubscribe, thats to dumb for me…

Yep you are right, it’s in Chinese. :frowning: But thank you.


I think the sellers get tracking numbers from the post office and assign it to the orders ready to ship.
But the items will actually received by the post office a few days later, so they will show up later on the system.

Tracking those Wallbuys orders can be tricky. I don’t even bother anymore. My last order didn’t show up in the system until it hit the USA. Another one never showed in the system but I got it. Many don’t show up until they are delivered.

As a tracking system, it needs lots of work. I wouldn’t count on being able to get up to date info off it. I don’t know if it is the HK post or the USA post that screws it up or if the two systems don’t work well together or what.

It would be nice to get a exact day the package will arrive because I am never home and always have to go to the main hub and pick it up. Almost makes me not order because of the extra time and hassle.

I just use “TrackChecker” app for Android when I get a tracking code… It gives me updates whenever a package is able to be tracked or there is a notification with it. It always finds my packages no matter where I get them from… :slight_smile:
Sometimes HK post can be a bit slow. My last package from Wallbuys took 7 days before HK post registered info on it. I consider that a long time. Despite that, it still arrived quite fast (15 days).

There is an English link at the top of this website.

Thank you! I’ve been always using Chrome’s translate and it wasn’t perfect.

Thanks again.

You bet.

And for US customers you can (about 72.7% of the time) track your package in USPS track & confirm website once it hits the states: