Want a "System" for home/security/wife/fishing trips

I would like to build a system around the 18650a, with the following specs:

I’d really like “bang for buck” options with a total system at around $100 for now, with three flashlights, batteries and a charger.

#1) House patrol/perimeter checks and the 5 minute walk with my dog. I really want to day light the neighborhood as much as possible with this one.

#2) small, very waterproof, clip to my hat if need be kind of small, durable and floody to get my gear back in the pitch black truck after staring into the new mexico sun and fishing all day. Clip to my bike a plus.

#3) Something my wife will use around the house and to and from the car/driveway, maybe with a self defense style head on it? She uses relatively good sized purses, so it need not be tiny, but not too big either, she has smallish hands that are often holding on to squirming rug rats.

Thanks for your suggestions and vendor recommendations!


So what, im seeing here is you are looking for
1 big thrower.
1 small light flooder.
1 edc that could be a bit pointy.
all for under 100 with batteries.
first, what are you looking for in a charger? something usb powered? something that will also charge ni-mh/ni-cd? something that will charge more than one at a time? something that can be used as a battery bank?
next, how much throw are you looking at needing? how far do you think, how long does it need to throw this far? how good are you with a soldering iron?
the blf a6 would work pretty well for both of the next catagories. possibly even more so if it fits 20mm TIR’s that are easily available.
3rdly, are you going to need protected batteries?are you going to need high drain batteries?

Sounds about right.

I think huge throw is awesome, not so sure if I need to reach out too far though. I am sure that I will venture to that side of the game eventually, but my needs now are more pragmatic. I’ll put it at 200 yards for the option #1. #2 and #3 are likely even less needing throw. Hope I didn’t just blaspheme here, lol.

My charger would probably not need to do more than a couple at a time (or at least not many), anyway. Home/base unit plug in is fine. We have ni-mh/ni-cd chargers (AAA/AA) already. I have sadly never soldered.

Maybe a bit longer on the throw , I just figured the end of my street is about 300 yards. I’d want protected batteries and probably don’t have to be high drain if I understand my situation of being back at home base enough to not drain all the way very often if ever.



I am pretty certian that the turbo mode on the a6 will trip the protection circuit on the those batteries. http://www.mtnelectronics.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=540

Well, I am mostly worried about safety with her unit only. Mine can go unprotected if that helps.

that dealer has an acct here, simon and has been very trust worthy.

I’d recommend the Convoy L4 for purpose #1. I’d go with Xtar for a charger. #2 sounds like a Zebralight headlamp, but I guess that would be out of your budget in total. #2 is quite hard to find something decent on a budget…

It looks like the C8 variation is my tool for scenario #1, based upon responses below. I like what I have read here about Convoy and Simon, so I’ll probably go with The L4 based on the glowing reviews and the side switch. All the different options have me a bit confused at the moment, which LED, which mode group, etc. I think I like a touch of the warmth (not grandmas couch warm, but more “lifelike”), and wouldn’t mind mildly more floody as long as I can hit the end of the street. Anyone have a quick idea what I am looking for in terms of LED and tint? The T6-3B looks about right to me. Would a hotter “mode” give me more output?

I hate to just one stop shop, but his store on aliexpress seems to carry what I have seen many others talking about, and his pricing seems very fair to me. Looking hard at the S2+ (I know, different batteries), S2 and S3 models.

The zebralights look amazing. Pricing isn’t too far off. Maybe next year.

Manker a6 group buy:

Samsung 30q and probably a suitable charger.

I ended up with a nitcore d4 listed as digi charger d4 on that thread.

And check to ship from U.S. I’ve heard very trustworthy good quality drivers and switches.

For a floody light, I would just use diffuser film on a small flashlight like the Convoy S2 or BLF A6 light. The BLF A6 should be a good all around light with plenty of horsepower on tap and a reversible clip. Mine haven’t arrived yet so I can’t speak from personal experience.

An impact bezel is good for breaking tempered glass and little else. A big two cell light is better in a scuffle and can be seriously dangerous. That’s why most police departments no longer allow officers to carry them.

I would also consider the Nitecore EC21 - side switch controlled and my wife loves it. I paid about $35 shipped.

For the best value in a charger, I would consider an Xtar MC2. Works great.

Ok, now I am looking at the blf a6 as a catch all. Seems to have the horsepower to take on task #1 with a difuser if needed, and with a shortened tube, task #2, and heck, the wife can smack someone in the face with it if needed for task #3. Lol, this place rocks.

I’ll need to check the side by sides on the s2+, s2,s3 and a6. Thanks to everyone for their responses. I think my need to build this around a battery platform kind of eroded, so I have much to consider. I have a code to get in on the group buy, now I just gotta figure out how to use it!

Not sure if the BLF a6 would really fit you needs well. For #1 It’s small diameter reflector will not throw as well. For #3 the high amp turbo may trip the protection on protected batteries. And it can get hot, for people who aren’t use to hot flashlights (or are sensitive to heat) it may seem much too hot.

So get the L4 with the extension tube? LOL

Without making deep dark shadows, I hope. The neighbors need to be able to see, too, assuming you’re on good terms with them.
You want them to see someone hiding near your yard in the shadow on their side of a fence or bush — between you and them. Our local police patrol says the same thing — they need to be able to see what’s happening in the shadows, as they can’t point their spotlights into every yard.

Cautionary: “burglars don’t like it when it’s dark. They like to be able to see their escape route and they like to ‘case’ a premises before they strike. They would attract too much attention if they were using torches.” — Light Pollution Compromises Security and Safety

the mouse-over examples of how dangerous people can hide in bright light — in the dark shadows — are useful. This is one such:

Lol, it’s all good my illuminated brothers. I’ll figure the rest out. I am sure that the blf a6 and an L4 will get me half way there. Maybe the zebra light next year, this year something for 5 bucks.

Still not 100% sure how to excersize this code that I got to get into the group buy. Now what?

Which buy?

Edit: Well either way you should be able to stick the items in your cart and when you go to check out there will be a spot to apply a discount code or coupon code. Last time I went to bg I had three codes for three different items so I placed three sperate orders each with their own code. Light, battery, charger. Plus this way what’s available will ship first.

What about these 2?
They both have build in chargers.