Want to build motorcycle secondary floodlights - help pls?

I’m a long time flashlight enthusiast, but I’m new to building and modding in general.
I’d like to jump in the building van by starting with a useful project: build floodlights for my enduro Yammy.

This is my ride:

I’d like floody beam.
Must be waterproof.
Connected to 12v battery of the bike of course.
Neutral or warm white tint.
35w would be sustainable for the battery without problems even for extended use.
+MT-G2 +seems the way to go…?

I already have gathered this button:

In the search for a driver obviously. Maybe this one ?

Now for the hardest part: what kind of box / parts / optics to look for? Suggestions?

A couple questions for you-

Are you planning on running current threw that switch or using a relay?

When you say “secondary flood light”, does the bike have a headlight already?

Do you plan to ride on the street with this light on? (I’m not asking cause I’m gonna tell you its illegal, that’s up to you, I’m asking cause there could possible be a safety concern if so, your optic choice will be VERY IMPORTANT if to do plan to use this on the street, cars blinding oncoming traffic is one thing, in an already hard to see motorbike the last thing I would want to do is blind oncoming traffic so if you do plan to use this for road use your really going to have to get the beam cut-off / optic setup just perfect).

Current through switch IIRC.

Yes, it is a road legal bike, it has its primary headlight and high beams.

Mostly I’m going to use the secondary floodlights for off-road and trails, but ALSO for riding on very dark/unlit roads and in fog (we have plenty where I live), so YES, road-use too. I agree they need to be aimed carefully, and I don’t want to blind anyone or cause safety problems for sure. :slight_smile: