want to buy new light but which one ? help required...

first post on here but i've been looking for a while as a guest without signing up..

ok i've blown my mind now as i've been reading so many reviews and so many forums i've been looking on and i am still none the wiser to choice on new light.

ok wants with new light :-

1. cheap (as allways or at least good value for money)

2. mounted for bicycle use on helmet mount mainly (and a few walks at night)

3. i need to use if cycling for say up to 5hrs (so how many batterys etc to last and what type), and for walking say up to two hours

3. must be cable free (no external battery pack)

4. must fit on to a bicycle helmet (so length cannot be like a maglight length, i.e longer than a bike helmet)

just to let everyone know i use a bar mounted light with external battery pack but when i have this mounted on my helmet with battery in back pack it's fine until i get a puncture where i then need to take my bag off and if alone at night in the woods it's difficult to keep the light connected while taking the bag off and can end in darkness and fumbling around until i get the connectors all back together again. and again when mounted on the bars there is not the light in the right places when i have punctures which i need to fix..

my solution was to mount this on the bars and use on a low setting a helment mounted light which i can see to the side while cycling but also is bright enough to repair a punture when dark and see what i'm doing with ease.

i don't mind having to change batterys if need be as i know i won't get a bright light that lasts hours unless i pay for some silly priced exposure or simular etc..

anyway any help in making a decision much welcome :-)


Hi and welcome to the site

Im a fellow night rider and have purchased this set up for many people in my club

I have listed links to the ones I recommend and proven in the field

The bar lights i run two of these but many only run one

Batteries last around 80-90 mins on full (our tuesday night rides are around 90 mins and have never had to change them

Im sure you like this set up as do many of my club mates

Great light for your bars

and for your helmet

Mount for bars

Mount for helmet (takes a long time to arrive now from this site)

Battery Charger


battery charger plug UK

All this for around £45-50. Its takes around 9-13 days from order placed to arrive


looks good scoobybright, is there another level up from this in brightness ?, i'm just thinking out aloud for a solo road cycle ride with just the helmet light and no bar light.., or i take it by going brighter that you may have the overheat issue ?... i had been looking at the xm-l t6 led tech but getting confused with all the different housings and setups.., some of the light reviews don't give sizes or perception of size so hard to judge.

I allready have my old helmet light (troutelight) which i'm going to move to the bars as i love this light, but like above i want a cable free light on my helmet for those dreaded puncture repair times.., and also as we know when you have just a bar mounted light you cannot see anything other than where the bars are pointing (somtimes you want to glance left or right and see etc...)

I don't think you will get to the next level of brightness without spending at great deal of money. One other light I have bought recently, but not tested fully is the Ultrafire 501b xml Its a slightly more of a floody than the Fandyfire 2100, slightly heavier but only fractionly. At these prices this Ultrafire from manafont is a bargin

Whats your next move?


xml no mid mode


or that 5 modes with mid



if you buy 3 pairs of batteries for 6h of light using coupon DDthanksgiving you will save 10$ over 50$

consider to add 2$ if you want registered mail

Kind of depends on what you want on your head and what you want to use for batteries, and what you really want for a balance between run time and light.

Frankly I think my C8 clone on low would provide enough light on low to ride and more than enough light to change a flat on low. That is 24+hrs of run time! On mid it is more than enough for either and that will go about 3 hrs on a good 18650.

A decent P60 XM-L 18650 with a mid around .5 amp will get you 4 hrs or so of a bit more light.

A TurstFire R5-A3 wil weigh almost noting on your helmet, may very well be adequate on "mid", and do over 2 hrs on a 14500.

If you really don't care about changing batteries and want budget than I can't imagine beating any of the SIPIK zoom AA clones. They are tiny, put out enough light on a AA to meet your needs, CHEAP, and with 4 AA as spares would make your run time goals.

It is a good time to be into budget lights.


Hi everyone and thanks for the wonderfull responses.

in answer to some of the above

Battery type preffered Li-Ion 18650

charger (i have and a couple of batterys with 2400mAh)

what i need is a head mount for bike helmet and light

I went out last night and a friend of mine has the Exposure Diablo and this has four settings High / |Mid / Low (then the useual stobe). High i know was 700lumens no idea what the other levels were but mid and low were both acceptable in my opinion.

as i think i said before i will be running a bar mounted light which is 1200lumens high and around 700lumens on low which has a run time in high mode of about 5hrs and low well could do an endurance ride with it :-), so i'll be running that and i wanted a head moutn light for looking to the side (where the bar light could not do un less i was in wheelie mode) and for when i have punctures that i can see what i'm doing without issues.

i know a few lights only have burn time on a battery of around an hour, and some near on 1 1/2 etc.. i don't mind that if i carry spare batterys and use it, or if that burn time would be on high mode and drop it to medium and get say a 3 hr+ ride out of the one battery.., i'll take a look at all of the links posted above. i hope this makes sense .

i heard a review back on another forum that the p60 xml was very fragile and did not last long for cycling use ? as to weather or not that is the case or there are difference levels of build quality i don't know, and as for the C8 i nto sure what this is like and would need to read up on it.

Just noted on these they have a 3.6 - 4.2v operating range, what is the battery voltage range of a 18650 ? 4.2v down to 2.6 or 2.8 on the protection circuits ??)

that may also be a factor in light choice to get length out of one batterys time even if the light does get a little dim towards the end of the battery life span discharge.

Lookign at these the first would only be a option to choose as the others are not quite right in size and spec, but the first one states the web site min order of 500.. bearing in mind i would only want the one if chosen i guess this is not an option either.

Except links, nothing else....

hi scoobybright,

i was just re reading all of the posts and link's i've completly missed off your top selection of bar light option but i could uuse this on the helmet :-).. what output do you get on high / med with this light and what burn times do you get with a 18650 battery ?, i dismissed your helmet light option as it's in the right price range but unfortunaly not bright enough i think for my personal preferenace.

ok after some thoguht i think i'll go for the options below, all i'm missing now is a mount for the light, do manfont do any suitable helmet mounts ? as to buy everything from one web site ?

i'm also swayed to get a couple of spare batterys and a new style "one does all" charger.

helmet light http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/ultrafire-c8-xml-t6-3mode-led-flashlight-118650-p-5271

batterys http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/protected-trustfire-18650-37v-2400mah-rechargeable-batteries-flame-2pcsset-p-5560

Charger http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/sysmax-intellicharge-i4-liion-nicd-nimh-4channel-smart-battery-charger-us-plug-p-8465

flash light mount for helmet ????????....

thanks for your time on this apreciate it all..

I think that light is pretty big for helmet use. That's the one I use on my bars! For my helmet, I use smaller lights. Max length: 5 in, max diameter: 1 in. I have several helmet lights: Trustfire TR801, Shiningbeam S-Mini (XP-G), and Uniquefire 2100 (XM-L). The UF is the brightest. It's almost as bright as the C8. You'll probably get about 1.5 hours out of the UF.

Protected Trustfire Flames are good. I don't know about that charger; I have the $6 DSD charger. I wouldn't trust ANY charger for unattended charging.

I agree with you about not wanting an external battery pack.

If you don't find the C8 too large for helmet use, it's an excellent bike light!

Do you have links to web sites to review those options of lights ?.....

i'm looking for one web site ideally which will get everything..

even with all this feedback i've still been looking at web sites and racking my brains on what to actually buy.. each time i think i have somthing and "just ask" someone i get a response which suggests it's probably not the best choice but a good light none the less..


Ok i think i want a cheap mans Xposure Diablo Mk3, trouble is i really don't want to pay exposures prices as i think they are overpriced for what you get.

specs on this are :--

Weight (incl. helmet mount): 124g

Output: 975 lumens

Power: 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery

Burn time:
High (1 hr) Medium (3 hrs) Low (10 hrs)

This is something I've had the most problems with too, to be honest. I've come to the conclusion that using a flashlight mounted (you can buy nice ones on ebay) on a stand might just be the best solution.

Currently, I am running a fenix e21 and hope to upgrade to something else. For larger form factor lights, I have yet to see a good flashlight mount for a bike.

Finally a topic I can help with from personal experience. The Ultrafire C8 referred to above makes a fine bar light, although This Palight R5 works just as well and is about $8 cheaper. Helmet lights are a little tougher, as they should be smaller and lighter. I've got two new favorites to consider, although they are pricier than the bar light:

The P-Rocket is a good choice, perfect form factor for a helmet and mine is a great thrower with a decent amount of flood. Comes highly recommended on several bike lighting sites I frequent. If that version is too much $$$, there are several cheaper options, in particular this one, which has longer run time but slightly less lumens. My newest helmet light is the N-Light ST50. It's slightly smaller but not as bright at the P-Rocket, but I haven't actually ridden with it yet. I think you can find the same light over at CNQ for $6-7 less, but they charge shipping.

As far as mounts go, you can't beat a TwoFish Lockblock, which works for both helmet and bar. To be honest though, the large head size of the C8 makes it bounce on the bars a bit on rough terrain. So these two bar mounts work better: U-shape, which can be found cheap on almost any China light site, and the TwoFish Cyclopblock.

Thanks for your input BetweenRides. Unfortunately, AA battery configs is all I can do with. Any CR123, 18650 etc batteries is not an option as too expensive for me. If you have any good flashlights that will fit the bill and sports AA battery, I will be glad to hear from you :)

Tough to find an AA light that is bright enough, but I think these two might fit the bill as a helmet light:


http://www.intl-outdoor.com/balder-se1-xpe-r3-325-lumens-edc-flashlight-p-230.html - make sure to select the T6 option, adds $3.99 to the cost.

First season I did night riding, I managed to make do with a crappy Niterider Sol (180 lumens) on the bar and a Fenix L2D (also 180 lumens, 200 on turbo) for the helmet. As long as you aren't doing technical mountain biking and have decent night vision, the 250 - 325 lumens of these lights will do you fine.