Want 'underdriven' 1x18650 on floody side

Hey everybody

I need a light to strap to my bike helmet for roller skiing, mainly on the shoulder of the road so nothing blinding. Also for general outdoors use. 2 hours+ run time a requirement. I have the revered Akoray k-106 3-mode light, but it just won't run long enough at desired brightness, hence my thougths on getting an 18650 light. Thankful for all suggestions.

Uniquefire UF-2100. Floody, driven at what....1.8A?

Unfortunately you just missed the group buy at 14 bucks delivered. You could get 2!

I was thinking closer to 1 A than 2. Orange peel reflector, giving the same beam pattern as the k-106, which is near idea for me. I want a brighter k-106 with longer run time

Well there is always low. Like i said you buy 2 for that price! :D

Well, the Sky Ray G6 is only driven at 1amp and tends to be floody, but its probably not suited for what you want as it will heat up. You could do a Solarforce L2/L2P/L2i with a multi-mode XM-L drop-in and just run it on medium for the extended battery time.