Wanted: 6 inch or so long thrower from hell

I went crazy this week.

I just now ordered a UltraFire WF502B XM-LT6 3 Mode from dinodirect.com ($13 shipped!) and a Tactics CREE Q5 LED flashlight off of eBay for about the same.

I got in a 1300 Lumens CREE XML-L T6 from ebay on monday and was disappointed as it is not a good thrower. I already have a Dorcy International 41 4299 220 Lumens light and it is a real thrower, lighting stuff up to about 200 yards or so.

So what I'd like is a smallish 6 inch or so flashlight that throws like crazy. Basically a white lightsaber that is good for distance and nothing else. Anything I should look at? Battery type is of no concern, but want to stick with single 18650 or so size or thereabouts so as not have something "pocketable".

What about this. I just found out about it. Otherwise, you'll probably want to take a look a the Uniquefire HS-802.

Great ideas, thanks. The first link is actually appealing as they have killer beamshots!

I currently have a generic charger and a Trustfire (I think battery). What is the "go to" battery I should get and maybe little better single/dual charger? Keep the flashlight recommendations coming!

Welcome Unabomer

I have the light that Getemer gave the link to, here is from my other post:

This light is BY FAR my single best thrower down range…clearly whips the socks off the highly recommended HS-802 that I have as well.

-Obvious problem –out of stock here… (not sure where else it is or if it would be the same) don’t confuse this with the regular X2000… this is a big 38mm optic and the down range spot is about ¼ the size and 4xs the intensity of the already impressive X2000

I was recomended to check this out as it apears to have the same size optic as the one above, but needs only the one battery as you desire... and I have one on order too...


A C8 or MRV style light with an XR-E R2 is actually quite the thrower as well for a smallish reflectored light.

Update: Here's a link to an MRV with a Q5 that throws 400 yds.

I would try with this one: http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/trustfire-usa168-q5-3mode-memory-led-flashlight-118650-p-5494

The zooming one from Ultraok is the best lens I got till today, now it is placed on my Yezl T9 which has the same lens diameter but is not the same quality.

The one from ultraok looks like has been out of stock for a long time..

I hope the one from Manafont is as good, if so I will no doubt to get one.

I just ordered one of these for a "thrower": http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/palight-c8-r5-led-5mode-memory-led-flashlight-silver-118650-p-5650. I didn't want a pencil beam thrower, so I thought this would be a good one, especially for the price. There are a few different versions, just make sure you look at the "R5". Ordered based on this review: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1683. Runs a single 18650.


I have these on order after seeing such glowing reviews from here and some other sites, otherwise like you I just had the Ultrafire WF139 and the flamed trustfires 2400mAH

4 pairs of 18700 2600mAh batteries

WP2II charger

total: 13.50*4+17=71 USD

Please send the payment of 71 USD to our PayPal address:


If you do a search for XTAR WP2II and XTAR 18700 you will find great reviews for these and other pricing as well from the USA

Some others want to weigh in on these??

Excellent choice!

I believe the Xtar cells to be Sanyo-based, and of very high quality.

There MAY be some issues with fitment in some lights, due to length.

If you don’t already have a multimeter, you should probably pick one up to monitor your new cells.

I don't know... I haven't wanted to stick over $70 into four batteries and a charger so I went the cheaper route... I bought Trustfire Flames (protected)($10 for 2) from DX and a Trustfire two banger charger ($8), and it's worked mighty fine for me...

Just now I ordered some of those Tenergy's off of eBay just because I was needing more cells.

EDIT: Basically I'm saying that you don't have to jump clear in right off the bat if you don't want to. A less expensive alternative works great even though it may not be the very best.

Just to point out the above pricing was for 4 PAIRS of XTAR 18700... each pair -$13.50... I did order the XTAR charger after I found the WF139 kept overcharging my trustfire flames to 4.7 volts or so... a couple of times off the charger it was 5.1V... clearly over charging.... perhaps the batteries are failing but they seem otherwise to work great... at any rate it seems at the trickel charge that this charger uses does not trip the protection in the batteries... that's why I switched.

Here was a great review site: in fact changed my mind about some things.


Something is not right there. Those are protected cells.

Anyway @ 4.7V they should have been at least unusable anymore or they should have exploded.

And 5.1V for a Li-ion?

The WF-139 doesn't trickle charge. Once it finishes charging it doesn't charge anymore.

That is an HS-802 clone. It is very, very underdriven; varies from 400mA to 700mA. I have one but have switched the driver for a 1.4A driver. The other option is to also buy the HS-801 R2 module which Manafont sell for about $8, that fits the USA168. Having said all of that the USA168 is a well built light and it plus one of the mods I just suggested is still good value.

Nice choice. I like C8's or MRV clones with XP-G R5's in. They throw reasonably throw but with reasonable spill.