Wanted: Foy


Foy’snotmissing. Heknowswhereheis.

That a term for Yugoslavian immigrants?


I miss Foy/Foy-reviews and I miss the time when BLF was a genuinely nice place


Three flashaholics walk into a bar.

Bartender: What’ll you fellas have?

First flashaholic: I’ll have a Miller light.

Second flashaholic: I’ll have a Bud light.

Third flashaholic: I’ll have a SolarForce Kool-Aid.

Bartender: You must be the one called Foy.

Note: I gave Foy opportunity to censor this limerick (at the first posting). He said noneedtodelete

If you check his user number it is user # 404, therefore:


(I am 9619 if that helps to show how long he has been active.)

If it where up for a vote, I’d vote for getting Foy back too :slight_smile:

WhereAreYouFoy? Your reviews are what brought me to BLF!

Real life has gotten in the way of the hobby, in whatever way. It happens to me all the time, but I manage to stick to the hobby up till now.

But I also would like to see Foy return to BLF.

And I think that BLF is still a great place, I do not care for every thread that is started, but there are enough interesting threads and nice folks posting to enjoy being here :-)

Foyisprettyawesome! :)

He likes sushi , long walks on the beach , and things that are paisley ...

I hope Foy is doing well. But life can sometimes get in the way. I was absent from this great forum for a year due to family and health issues. During that time I often thought about what’s the latest development and how everybody was doing. I’m sure Foy has the same thoughts. When I first started lurking around this forum, i read some of Foy’s reviews. Foy’s reviews were a delight to read. He seemed like a really kind person, the type you would want to meet. Best of all was his sense of humor. And he would often poke fun at himself. Yep, Foy set high standards for us all to follow. If Foy returns or not, he helped make the BLF what it is today. Luckily, there is other greats still visiting on a daily basis. Cheers to Foy, wherever he is! :beer: ……oh yeah, buyaflashlightandbehappy

There's a lot of members I miss. Foy is one of them. Match is another and the list is long. The members that kept this forum interesting and balanced. I know there's still a lot of interesting stuff here, but I do miss the ones that helped to make the forum what it was.

I hope Foy and all the rest of them are at least, healthy and at most, happy.

1 year only? Seems like he was gone for 5. Flashaholic years pass by like a breeze.

Yes, pl come back.

There's a guy on this board that's named Foy

When posting he doesn't play coy

He says what he sees

All the rest will agree

He's a Solarforce shill , that's his ploy

Well flashlights are his favorite toy

And his neighbors he'll sometimes annoy

While they're trying to sleep

He's up shining lights deep

Into backyards and alleys with joy

Lots of energy he does employ

and his spare time he'll sometimes destroy

When he buys a flashlight

He will stay up all night

To make sure it's the Real McCoy

Thanks OL. My thoughts exactly but I could not put it as well as you.

OL, if you pull a disappearing act on us without warning, I, for one will be ticked. just sayin…

edit: same goes for jacks limericks.

Yup, don’t you dare go underground!

Foy was gone once before and I lured him back with a BLF edition Tank E9 . he came back on for only a little while and even then only halfheartedly .

So clearly the way to Foys heart is sending him a light . :)

send expensive lights to me... and I'll forward them (maybe) ....to Foy ,Match and other older members