Wanted: Host with side switch

OK, bitten by the bug. As i wait for my uv parts to turn up i decided i want to build a white light torch.
But i would really like a side switch, not a tail cap. When i was a kid, there were NO torches with tailcap swiches.
So i’d like a host if possible, with a side switch.
Any suggestions? Ideally, i’d like something powerful.

Whats the budget?

If you want it truly as a host (no LED or driver included), then the Sofirn C8F comes to mind. It’s a triple C8 style, 21700 battery, and dual switch

If you don’t mind stripping out any components that you want to swap, then there are a bunch of different side-switch lights that could be modded.

The problem I have with most side switch lights as host from working lights is that stupid vertical board that the switch is on. I to am looking for something that is an honest to goodness e-switch light with a separate e-switch board. I have some wonderful lights that are just about unmodable due to that board. Yes, I know, I could strip the driver, wedge in a 17mm maybe at an angle and make it work. I have a couple of old Shadow 26650 lights that would make great hosts otherwise.

Sofirn SC31 (& likely the new SC31B) has an independent e-switch board, even with LEDs already on it. Potential modding issue is that the original driver has a USB port. But as long as you’re willing to overlook the fact that your flashlight has a non-functional hole where USB used to be, it’s cheap and easy to mod.

The Emisars also use a separate board, but most without LEDs around the e-switch.

If you’re interested in a headlamp, the Convoy H1 is ridiculously easy to mod (as you’d expect for a Convoy). Has an independent e-switch board with LEDs. Everything is held together with removable retaining rings.

The usb thing does not matter to me… mod an emisar… not needed other than led changes and firmware updates. They are wonderful as built.

Would love to mod my JM07 and JM20.

I.have a mint folomov edc c4 if you want.

Lets say apx £70 max… About $100.

Nothing there big enough.
I would like something like the Convoy L2.

Have you thought about the Convoy L6 over at MTN Electronics?
Far as I know, Simon at Convoy doesn’t sell the L6 Host directly off his site.

Astrolux FT03 maybe? But it is not a host, costs around 30$ and can be modded easily.

There we go.
That’s the host. Now to work out the other bits.
Thanks for that!!!

Ya welcome! :smiley:

The L2 tube (single 26650) fits the L6. You can ask Simon if he can sell you a L6 host, he is one of the most helpful people around.

Right, a L6 is on the way. Now, it’s a given that the internals are likely bollocks so, recommendations for a quality driver, led and batteries?

The internals are high quality, but just a bit on the safe side :wink:

Cancel your order and buy Chatika vas Paus his L6 which he has on sale with TA driver


Edit, it seems i was lost, he has an L2 for sale, not an L6

I’m thinking of getting that same host, with an XHP70.2 6V, a 30mm TA Driver with the E-Switch to use with my spare pair of iJoy 26650s (May switch them up for a pair of HohmTech’s)

Drivers with AMCs tend to die sooner or later on very high current cells in combination with XHP70.2s the voltage spikes are too much, and they are way above specs that says 6V anyways

The solution is a small FET instead with resistors

Really? My Driver knowledge is lacking, so is there a 2S 30mm FET out there with a half dozen steps and an E-Switch interface?

Edit: Nevermind :slight_smile: I just found a few L6 Mod threads that I am now nosing through.

Me too and now i’m even more confused.
There is a saying about being awash in a sea of information.