Wanted new Driver for Vastfire/generic 6 XML bike light

Hello, Im hoping someone could help me find an off the shelf, cheap driver to replace the busted circuits in 2 spotlights i have.

I was given these 2 lights, they were supposed to be motorbike spot lights but they have a 4 mode driver in them. Hi/Lo/Strobe/SOS.
Makes them useless and dangerous to be used for a motorbike.
The person who gave them to me tried to mod one by removing the “U2” chip. Bad Move. He bricked it. Has torn off the pads and i wont try to repair it.
The second one, Well, I had a go at it. I played with it till i found a capacitor that when bridged prevented the next mode function.
I thought i had succeeded, that was until i realised that my battery pack had dropped a cell and the rest of the cells were under charged.
So i got a fresh fully charged pack and hooked it up.
It was fantastic, much better than anticipated.
Then i saw the smoke, not from the light but from my temporary wiring.
I disconnected everything but it was to late, when i hooked it back up to check i got next to nothing, the LEDs were illuminating but not enough to throw a beam.

So I’m after something that will drive 6 XML fakes (i think latticebright) at 3.3v between 15-18a from a 9-24v supply.

The closest i could find on the light is an ebay ad for a Vastfire XS-D006
Though mine don’t have the logo on them.

With all the searching I’ve done on these i noticed that the vastfire 6 led lights seem to be the only ones that have the leds in the same orientation.
The best i can tell these are all run in parallel.
Here are some photos on the innards.

I have seen a few examples of lights using boards with serial numbers starting with HND, the emitter pcb has HND-XGP-6 and the driver pcb has HND-F401D-V1.
But I can not find any examples of these boards or they manufacturer.

Any help with a Single Mode driver would be great.

Thanks, Roy.

fixed: pics now have hyperlinks

Please , check very carefully if the leds are in parallel .., I do have some doubts about this !

A driver capable of doing 18Amps ( 6led X 3Amps) is hard to find , my guess is that the leds are in series ,and a boost driver is used to get about 22 V ( 6 leds X 3.3 V ) , as the TrustFire series of 6-7 Leds used to have ...Maybe I'm wrong , but check again ...

Cera, I understand the convention with multi led drivers as you’ve said.

Pretty sure its parallel though.

Here, i traced the board in pen and produced an image to clarify the layout.

How about a decent cc buck converter?

That looks interesting L4M4, how do you actually set the voltage and current on it?

With a multimeter and a small screw driver using the two trim pots on the upper left.

You're right , its a parallel layout.., pretty uncommon , tho... a buck converter , as the L4M4 suggested , will do the job !

If is fitting inside the body will be great.. just take care at the wires , thick and flexible ( silicon mandatory )

Thanks for the input, i never thought to look at that style of driver.

I’ll give it a go.

Has anyone had any luck locating a similar driver for lights like these?

I blew up my driver designed to work from 3.2V-12V and I’d like to replace it with a similar one to the HND-F401D-V1 driver posted above so that it works with ~60V DC.

Hi pwd, I’m sorry i cant help you with that.
I haven’t even got mine working yet.