Wanted...really small (tiny) mains powered driver

Hi folks, I’m planning to convert a couple of spun aluminium lamp shades to led power with something like the cxa1520
I dont have any photos, but the shades are the type that are popular in cafés and bars.

What I would like, is to be able to incorporate the driver into the light either in the base or within the heatsink, so it’s got to be small!

Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome :slight_smile:


Edit: can’t seem to get the link to work

Sorted link.

The only drivers that I can find are either too large or of unknown quality and look as if they will burn the house down!

Still searching……….

Seen this? http://www.cree.com/LED-Components-and-Modules/Applications/LAB/spot-optimization/35-39W-cmh-performance

Specs on that light say forward voltage is 35vdc

Size (mm x mm) 15.85 x 15.85
Product options High-CRI
Maximum drive current (A) 0.9
Maximum power (W) 33
Light output (lm) 2000 – 4000
LES (mm) 9
Typical forward voltage @ 0.50 A (V), 85°C 35
Viewing angle (degrees) 115

This driver makes 33vdc from 110vdc

Thanks Comfy I had not looked at that Cree link before, there might be something in there……

Warhawk sorry, but that driver is too large. If I could hide the driver in the ceiling void then it would be easy as there are loads of drivers that would do the job….but there isn’t a ceiling void and I dont want the driver to be visible :frowning:

The search continues……

The good ones are expensive, e.g. High Power LED Drivers

But kind of like flashlights — I’ve bought five different inexpensive drivers now, most from DX, I think. But they all look the same from various cheap Chinese sources.
All those I’ve tried flicker and get hot. I wouldn’t leave them unwatched.

Might have found a driver that will fit in the base mounted to the ceiling.This driver is just under 3” diameter and 1” high.
Result! :bigsmile: