Warmest tint for each bin

Ill consider C and D tints to be about the same warmt. Ill mention C tints since those are more common and if it is available.

For the XM-L the warmest I know of are:
U3 1C
U2 2C
T6 4C
T5 5C
T4 7C
All the above can be found at fasttech to great prices. I just found the U2 2C (not availabe in 16mm)

For XM-L2s, I have only taken note of these so far (illumination supply and intl-outdoor).
U2 1C
T6 3C
T2 8C (E-group)

Im not that familiar with the XP-Gs around. But ill add some of the warmer ones… (all from intl-outdoor)
R5 4C
Q2 8A

R5 4C
R3 7A

Anyone seen warmer tints for the bins above, or have something to add?

Well for this type of thing the important thing is links, as it is it is no better than the Cree Datasheet which lists a similar thing (but more options). ;)

I picked up a couple of the XM-L T6-4C leds from fasttech a while back, and I’m not very impressed with them. I popped them into a couple of blank p60’s with op reflectors, and the spot was a mediocre “warmish” yellow, while the spill was a blue-as-heck cool white. I’m not sure if I just received a bad lot or if they’re all like that; I’ll have to try a few more to find out.

Neutral and warm tints advertised as T6 and <5000k neutral (e.g. 4C) or T4 and <3500k (e.g. 7C) throw a red flag for me, so I usually reference these tables to verify the validity of various vendors’ flux bin claims. T4, 7C and T6, 4C don’t exist unfortunately: they can come in up to T3 and T5 bins, respectively.

There’s many variables involved, so nowadays I assume I’m getting the lower bin from Chinese vendors. You can’t blame FastTech for trying to sell their product in a competitive market, since many vendors advertise impossible bins already. Nobody gets hurt when we all are informed and know what we’re getting :slight_smile:

All XM-Ls are from fasttech as mentioned. Depending on emitter size, I will not bother with specific links. All you have to do is press on one XM-L emitter and you can find all the others by looking at “model” product right beside the “buy button”.
Earlier I have made a price chart. Ill post it here:

2nd generation Leds are mostly out of stock, so time will tell where it might be useful to link to.
Ill might update with links in the future. For now, all products are mostly from the two mentioned stores due to tint/bin combo and price.

You are not the same guy who wrote this review are you?
He did not seem pleased either… I have considered to buy those, but I guess there is no point… Maybe they are just 3C or something simular…

Highly appreciated post Slim Pickens.

I can confirm that the “T4 7Bs” from fasttech are warm. Seems to the about the same tint as the T3 7B I have gotten from intl-outdoor before (but hard to compare since I have them in completely different flashlights). I guess that the so called “T4 7C” from fasttech are T3 bin. I have 3x “T4 7C” and 3 “T5 5C” on the way, so ill get a better picture in the future how they behave.

I’d like to make a Google Drive spreadsheet listing availability for different emitters by Tint/Flux/Price/Vendor, but the sheer number of vendors and the fact that their stock changes so quickly makes it a tough sell. Maybe someday :beer:

I’d agree, some of the emitter flux and chromaticity bin combos are suspect and several that are ‘available’ on Fasttech are on in the latest Cree XM-L datasheet. I’d also point out that no U3 flux bin is listed in the Cree datasheet, however most of us agree that at least one (U3 1B) does exist and currently is being used in factory made lights. One could extend this assumption that other undocumented bin combos may exist as well.
Either Cree are behind in updating their spec (very possible), or someone in the supply chain is not being honest (also very possible).
The latter is very possible, since this a product line that is exceedingly difficult for the average buyer to reliably verify, making it tempting to exaggerate the flux bin. We already have “Chinese lumens”. Why not “Chinese flux bins”? :wink:

Yeah, I noticed that too. The doc from which I pulled those tables has XM-L2 binning & labeling info, and even has “Copyright ©2010-2013, Cree, Inc.” at the end, but doesn’t mention an XM-L U3, LOL. I’m reasonably sure it exists, but…come on Cree update your “sheet”!

Fasttech site says: “FastTech strives to display the most acurate information on product pages. If you know or suspect something is wrong, please let us know so it can be fixed.”

I made an “error report” about the T6-4C and T4-7C. I hope they will double check if they do exist and correct if the descriptions are wrong. Ill see what they have to say.
Consider that the U3 seem to exist I cant say for sure that the T6-4C and T4-7C does not exist. But I have my doubts.

Have anyone seen 3500k XM-Ls? Around E6 group. Preferably at decent price (including shipping) when ordering smaller quantities. They should be available in upwards to T4 bin according to cree.

Came across:

CREE XM-L2 T3 on Star, warm white
8,49 € from ledtech.de

Right under headline it says 7B4-T4. But that does not exist. I assume its T3 BIN like headline says…

Nope. I do remember them being warmer that my T6 3C light, for what it’s worth. I don’t have any equipment to test the led’s brightness, so I cannot verify the bin unfortunately :frowning:

Still, I haven’t ruled out the idea that I simply got a bad batch of leds. And remember that I am only giving my own personal opinion on the tint, so take what I say with a grain of salt.