Just went to have a mooch around manafont when a security window popped up and said, “this site is known for malicious code and/or scamming and fraud”

Anyone else seen this?.

Nope, and I just updated to the latest version of Chrome. What browser do you use?

Edit. Just tried Firefox. Still no warning

Also, what security software do you run? AVG? Anti-MalwareBytes? Some of those will flag sites that are on their blacklist.


Nothing popped up for me. It could be your antivirus software, or malware.

Have just switched to virgin, with virgin media security, and browser is explorer.

Hi, yes, my Anti Virus warns me of the same thing every time i attempt to access the Site. I had to manually override the Security settings to make the 2 purchases i made with them. I wouldn’t recommend permanantly overriding the settings though.

maybe just tried Firefox, some time my computer aslo warm this and i don’t know why

That might intermittently redirect you to somewhere you don’t want to be. It might not even be visible if the site mirrors or forwards traffic.