Warrior xm-l vs Warrior xm-l2 vs King/Kung variants

I’m looking at buying my first multi-emitter shorty light and I am leaning towards the Warrior after having read the reviews on it. At fasttech its only $35 after discount for the xm-l version. I was wondering if there are any sources for a xm-l2 version for $45 or less and if it is worth the extra cost versus the regular version? Also, does anyone have better opinions of the king/kung than these lights and what is the cheapest source for those?
Thank You very much

just pulled the trigger on the regular warrior. Now I wait. :slight_smile:

Very bright and I love the UI. I like the way it always starts in low, yet there is a momentary on in high. I like that you can program the level of the low and I like that you can go straight to off in any mode. I also like that you can skip through modes to get to the one you want.
Did I leave anything out?

ive been wanting to purchase one of these in the last few days also.
i think the srk is my most used light. i think the warrior is a bit brighter, and throwier, but the king is more floody.
the kung is floodier than the king and brighter, but i think still a tad dimmer than the warrior.

if they had a warrior with xml2, im gettin one fo sho

Warrior with XML2’s

I thought they were running like $45 but the site is waying $55 now.

I hope that the description is accurate because the pictures show first gen XM-L, not XM-L2.

you can ask _the_ . he bought the warrior xml2 from fancyflashlights and the other one i think from FT

edit: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/20426#comment-439691

i would say it is safe to say it is xml2

Yeah I saw this and was ready to purchase it at that price, but then saw that it had gone up. My plan is to eventually buy some xm-l2 U3’s and swap them out for the T6 leds in the original, which I plan to use on a custom ATV light setup I want to make. This is assuming the warrior led swap is not too complicated.

B42 bought his there and he said his is the XML2’s, maybe it’s just an outdated pic?

Yep, I can confirm that it is XM-L2 - the pictures must be the wrong ones. I snapped one up as soon as Ric announced it here for $45. I think the did some quick measurements that showed it did 2400 lm.

It is really a quality light, nice machining all round. The variable “low” mode is useful, as is the momentary on button (you have to hold the actual on button for a second toturn on/off). Comparing it to my other brightest light, a TR-J16 (5 x T6), it is maybe 5-10 % dimmer, but throws as well, if not better.

Yes I can also confirm its XML2: one less bond wire is present than in the regular XML visible in my Warrior. It seems to significantly out throw both my SRK and Kung and of course I’d agree with Obi above that it out throws my big Trustfire lights (except maybe the 12xT6 pushing by pure brute force and disguised by the massive throw in the close field, but then as the voltage drops Warrior out throws again).

man, first off, i cant believe they came out with a warrior xml2 and didnt even know about it! secondly, it could have been had for $45. and lastly, they done raised the price $10 wtheck.
i go on blf enough to not miss these sorta things…darn.

now, gotta think if its worth $55….it prolly is, but just the fact that i coulda got it for $45 bugs me

so xml2 version is 2400 lumens, anyone know the normal version’s output?

Maybe you can see if you can get together with the other people on the edge (I think several right now) and see if they will reduce it some for you as an incentive to push you over the edge? I’m really not sure about lumens, my measurement device is my eyes and other lights. I’d guess its a little higher than 2400 because my SRK seems to be out-shown by it, and it seems to be a “good” SRK, which are usually 2500-2700 lumens, though eyes could be deceived by the increased throw. The non XML2 version should be 10-20% less efficient, so 2000-2200 lumens? For me one of the key features is the reduced heat from XML2. Its pretty significant when your SRK is just at the “too hot to hold” temp, XML2 can bring the temp down into the “toasty but OK to hold” range…

No way! Most likely 1800 lumens. Even my SRK with a 9 amp driver and XML2/T6/3C’s doesn’t do more than 2600 lumens. Stock SRK’s seldom do more than 6 amps. I’ve tested around 10 SRKs and they ranged from 1400 to just under 2000 lumens.

so who here is not over the edge yet and wants to be pushed over the edge with me hahah.
lets see if we can get him to bring down the cost back to the $45.

Is the PWM on low modes on the Warrior similar to the SRKs PWM?

@blueb8llz Yah, $45.00 for us BLF folks! rah, rah, rah!

They only have 2 in stock, though.

I want one pretty badly, but I need a push. Will fasttech be selling the XM-L2 anytime soon?

I’d be in for an XM-L2 version for $45, count me in