Warsun Zoomable LED Flashlight 3xAAA/18650 MOD

Just finished my second mod/upgrade.
sorry about lack of pictures as when I start moding i want to finish the job and to see the results and forget to take pictures at every stage.
Plus it only my second one.

as its a hollow pill i just tapped the LED out from the front and it was only held in place my friction.
ordered XM-L2 U4 1C on Noctigon 16mm MCPCB and a QLITE 3.04A and Teflon Wire.

as the front of the pill is a reflector for the LED. i had to drill slowly underneath to make room for the larger wires to fit correctly
and to make sure the led was close to the original height. also needed to make the hole larger as it was not 16mm to fit the MCPCB.
used some Kapton Tape to protect the contacts on the MCPCB from shorting out and used AA to fix it into place.

also shown in the picture is i shorted the spring and brass cap for the switch as it was putting to much pressure on the batteries.

completed switch shown below and driver with brass buttons for positive terminal grinded down to the correct size with copper wire on the side.
also inserted a cut out plastic from a topup card to give it a better feel when pushing the button.

forget to take a picture of the 5mm Copper insert i make which i used AA and MX1 to fix into place.
as it was all a tight fit i soldered the positive led wire into place and there was no room for the
negative wire as it will not sit flush on the groove for the driver. to i just drilled the side and brought
the wire the other side and soldered in into place.

completed torch with a metal washer for protected cells