Washed and Dried my light

Well I was just doing my laundry and the dryer cycle was almost finished and I happen to walk by my laundry room and heard a lot of clanking in the dryer. I went into my bedroom to make sure I had taken my back up edc ( ITP A3) and my work keys with my Streamlight Nano out of my pocket and put them in my change dish. Nope. I stopped the dryer and pulled the clothes out and there they both were on the bottom of the dryer. I turned them on and neither skipped a beat. Tough little lights evidently. Lol.

Cleanliness is next to seeing the light (also known as godliness) or so i am told

dry cleaning. Sorry.

Oh, wait a minute, I guess maybe I do…your EDC I modded was filthy and I couldn’t leave it that way, cleaned all kinds of pocket grunge out of the cracks…maybe you should run em through the wash more often… :stuck_out_tongue:

i ran a romisen AA XP-G light through the washer.
it did not hurt it at all.

Yes perhaps there is a business opportunity in all this, flashlight washing machines, single light sized, you feed it water and our trademarked detergent and 45 mins later your light is washed and sanitized. Unlike competing detergents ours keeps colours from running.

Also available is the optional dryer, why hang your flashlight out on a clothes line like a common light, dry it luxuriously with the patented flashlight dryer which guarantees no stiffness or watermarks and negates the need to use flashlight conditioner during the rinse cycle.

Dude when I edc a light I carry them everywhere and they do get grungy. Lol. Most of my lights look as clean as the day I bought them but not my edc’s. They get the heck used out of them. Mostly playing but as I get older and my eyesight gets worse I use them a lot more.

Is this senility setting in with the eyesight going? If so welcome to the old buggers club. :beer:

Worth mentioning is the new bleach variant of the detergent. With just one wash cycle it gets rid of those snobby neutral and warm white high CRI tints of your flashlight and returns it into a proper cool white.

Will it go the other way around if you’re using a fabric softener?

Lets not get sillly here, but if you order in the next 5 minutes we will also send you the new mini flashlight oven for precision baking, useful for when basic black goes out of style. :bigsmile:

I resemble this, I think, its hard to make out. Old tuggers club?

Truly, Ive gone from 20/20, to I dont know but Im making fonts larger, and I dont read labels anymore. I could at arms length, and with bright light. But Ive run out of arm length and the neck doesnt crick back back any further.

I may have to bite the bullet and get them glasses. No wait, Ill get a bigger screen, thats the answer.

Yes and Yes and I have been a card carrying member of that club for a while now.

Start a Professional Flashlight Cleaning Service for the Old and Mentally Challenged. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please read fast with enthusiastic salesman’s voice…

Is your EDC favorite getting a little worse for wear? Do you notice a little sandy grittiness when putting in new or freshly charged cells? Does your lens look a little blurred? The light not quite getting OTF like it used to?

Well worry no more! We can clean and re-grease those gritty threads, buff and polish the lens back to new condition and have your favorite light looking brand new again! For only 3 easy payments of $19.95 plus only $7.95 S&H you will be back in business with Bling and Pizzaz!

Your old and aging LED can be replaced with the newest and brightest tint snobbery for an additional charge. Driver UI finally driving you crazy? Fear not! This too can be changed to meet the needs of your now old and gnarly fingers! Yes, that’s right, your old favorite can be fully customized to meet your spastic needs! We have trained professionals who can cut your light, install copper at any angle, and apply Fujik as needed! So Don’t Hesitate! Call now!

(anodizing service a separate entity, an additional $19.95 charge with a secondary S&H of only $7.95 if this service is required)
[only Sears or Maytag washing machines and dryers are used. Guaranteed care with Levi’s Original Brand jeans as buffers only. No LEE or Wranglers. Tide with bleach and no fabric softeners and a proprietary Bortmagic pen for those stubborn areas]

CALL NOW! 1-800-BLF-BUFF! :slight_smile:

(disclaimer: this is not an actual working number, call at your own risk.)

oops, sorry…

well done, i wonder what would come up on a reverse number search by leaving out the N

I've had this happen a few times now! Even my cheap SK68 clone survived. It was moist and foggy inside (zoom mech leaks) but it and the Eneloop survived after being air dried.

The Convoy S2 made a nice racket inside the dryer for the few seconds it was turned on, but stayed dry inside.

You could also build a premium ultrasonic cleaner that would pulse your flashlights with cleaning action thousands of times a second, while your patented jewelry cleaning solution UltraShine flashlight detergent would offer a shine unparalleled by mere plebeian detergents.

I didn’t count the letters! :slight_smile: Now it has the proper number and who knows? Might actually ring up someone somewhere! lol

The disclaimer still applies…

New advertising trickery inserted. We now have Buck doing anodizing and OL chopping lights, installing copper at all angles and applying Fujik. :slight_smile:
For those truly afflicted, it can be arranged for The DuckMaster to completely rearrange the physical properties of your light…for an additional fee and only $7.95 shipping, of course!

We’re also thinking of adding a new and totally fun service…prank your old friends with a full restoration of THEIR EDC with a DUCKMASTER special which involves moving the switch into the head and the LED into the tailcap. :slight_smile:

AgingFire etching replacing the original brand name is available upon request.

my battered Fenix LD10 was totally unaffected by a (deliberate) torture testing. Two and a half hours in an industrial dishwasher @ 90°C and caustic dishwasher detergent. The type-III ano was a bit spotty after that, but it was vewwy clean. No leakage, whatsoever. I feel a bit sorry for the eneloop, though. It held up well throughout the test, delivering current to the LED on mid all the time.

Speaking of torture tests, I’d like to see someone drop an L2P off the Empire State Building; from the top floor, of course. Volunteers, anyone? Class? Bueller?

If I had a nickle for every time my ITPA3 went through the laundry here...oh well, you get the idea. Always forget to remove from my watch pocket.

Takes a lickin' and keeps on shinin'

Multiple Wash and drys never phased it.

Is this the same LD10 with the dicky clicky? Maybe the powerball was too much.