Watches, what's a good?

Looking for a good digital watch, what’s good, under $100 (if it has led’s like the firefly triad that’d be cool too)

familiarize yourself with the Casio F-91W…

Be certain to read the reviews on Amazon, I’ll point you straight to reviews #2 and #5

Check the facebook page for the F-91W…

Be sure to see a picture of the watch in action…

Most accurate watches I’ve ever owned were Timex, believe it or not - and I’ve owned several “brand names”, including a Rolex and a few Seikos.

They all bit the dust, but Timex’s kept going until they were I either given away or physically wrecked by my severe use.

As much as I hate to say it, in this case Walmart is your friend.

If you’re looking for a classier gift (and you’re in Edmonton) drop in to West Ed and see Walter, right next to the north entrance at the end of the “Europa” wing. He always has some nice stuff, well marked down.

^i was thinking exactly the same watch! it is a bit old fashioned, but nowadays old fashioned is the trend, so it is new fashioned even being old fashioned….
I think everybody had one of these some day

What is the intended purpose CH? Is this for yourself? A Gift? Casual wear? Work wear? Heavy duty?

I have an atomic Casio G Shock that is solar powered and a great watch. A bit bulky, but charges up in the sun, is atomic regulated so the time is Always right, and it’s a G Shock, so it’s tough as all get out…water resistant to 200M. Kind of hard to go wrong with that.

Get a G Shock for under a hundred up to a thousand, there should be something here that strikes you fancy in a tough watch that will last for years! I wore my first one as a carpenter, lumber yard worker, brick mason’s helper…years and years before I finally broke it.

The watch is for me, it might very well be worn at work, it’ll for sure be worn the rest the time.

There are slimmer, cheaper variants on the Casio theme. I bought one with a thermometer built in many years ago, an ST-1200, still have it! Bought that one back in 85 or something. You can get a pretty cheap one that will last for years.

Here’s a new twist on the old one I wore years ago…loved having the temperature at all times…This one has an Altimeter, a Barometer, and a Thermometer! $65 If you keep an eye on the barometer you can learn to predict a storm coming in when it starts dropping. :wink:

Wow, there’s a lot of options, I went cross eyed just looking through the G schocks lol.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

For something a bit quirkier check out:

Tokyo Flash Watches

Since you are asking a group with self- admitted flashaholics, would you consider an analog? One with lots of radioactive tritium? May I then suggest the Swiss Precimax- 14 GTLS tubes(tritium), two colors. Screw down crown. Rotating Unnidirectional bezel. Sapphire crystal. Screw back. SS construction. PU band that feels like silicone rubber band. Swiss Rhonda quartz (1 jewel) movement. Marked mb-micro-tec…makers of Luminox and Taser…might be made by them? Selling on Amazon for about $114 USD

Very heavy unfortunely.

I'll second this. My Timex are the most accurate watches I have, except possibly for a $1,000 Tag Heuer. Casio have been the least accurate, off by several minutes each month. The Casios are well built though, but they can be a bit bulky.

The Hewlett-Packard (now made by Symmetricom) 5071A…

Or perhaps you want something a bit smaller and more stylish: Nixie Watch by Cathode Corner

ok, thank you, now I need to buy some nixie tubes…

I really like Timex digital watches.

I paid $28 for my current watch:

Here’s another nod from a Casio guy. I have a 15 year old G Shock thats literally been beaten to hell and back. Its probably on its 5th or 6th heavy duty band & pins (or there abouts), been scuba diving several times in the Pacific NW and been brutally beaten to death against rocks and keeps right on going. Mine looks like its been through a wood chipper. Im confident that any lesser watch would not have survived a tenth of the abuse. IMO, they are well worth the price if you’re very hard on equipment and require a heavy reliance on time keeping during the most challenging of conditions. If not, the bulk and weight will become annoying… and thats why you should own several Casio’s. :bigsmile: I also own a few Timex watches and they are equally well built as the normal duty Casio’s. Take your pick… they are a lot of fun, and with so many to chose from.

Casio A168

Casio 178


Thanks, if I do go analog it’ll be for tritium

The one I found online was this

Interesting, but for the price only 4 trits rather than a 11. Also, why S&W rather than another brand?

anything that fits your need :slight_smile:

Here you go! This one even doubles as a toilet paper dispenser. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Uh… on second thought. Never never mind! :smiley: