Water cooled headlamp!

Just found this, don’t think it’s posted anywhere else and may be of interest?

oh goody…now we can have multiple MT-G2’s in a headlamp finally :smiley:

Oh snap…I typed the above before I saw what the guys did…daggum!

It works for CPUs and heat is heat, right? I’ve always thought that water cooling was overkill for computers and it looks even more overkill for a headlamp lol. I guess “what are you going to do with those extra clock cycles” applies to lumens as well. At least with a computer it’s not strapped to your back. Those look like heavy lumens.

Neat, but this is just a water block and a loop, there is no radiator… oops. I think that the desire to DIY things has really held the project back… DIY waterblock is large and heavy, DIY boost driver w/ giant 12Ah cells seems like a questionable decision (but could be fine, I dunno - I didn’t run the numbers or antyhing), etc.

I think a higher voltage pack would result in better driver efficiency.

The giant inductor and mostly unnecessary reservoir seem like they must add a lot of weight.

Not worth it due to higher weight compared to multiple passively cooled lamps.

Overkill? Hardly. When it sets birds on fire and they fly by, then it might be overkill.

The cooling mechanism, not the light output.
Water cooling was more common before heat pipe based tower coolers became available. It’s more expensive (although some newer systems are considerably cheaper), potentially fatal if the tubes get leaky but very efficient and adaptive, it will always be sufficiently powerful; you can use a 10 year old water cooler on a brand new CPU as long as it fits the socket. They’re also less noisy under conditions where regular coolers have to run at max. fan speed (the pump still generates noise).

PARAMEDIC: “Hey look at this guy! His water pump broke and his headlamp melted into his head. He said something about six MTG2 perhaps being too much…” 0:)

Just skip the waterblock and go with a long tube and a pump.
Now you can have MEGALUMENS anywhere!!! without the weight!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: (well anywhere as long as you stand next to someone’s swimming pool, or toilet, or fish tank, …)

I did a simple light with rubbing alcohol cooling. I just sealed the head and filled it. The problem I had was that the alcohol weakened the epoxy, but the silicone took it, so that is fixable. Added negligible weight, even to that plastic light, and didn’t conduct, so I didn’t have to seal the wiring. When I got it gong hard, I could see bubbles distorting the pattern.
I thought of doing a high output retro thrower that way but I don’t need another thrower.

I have an all-in-one cooler currently running in my desktop PC. Just a copper heatsink that is sealed and contains a pump, connected to a 120mm radiator and a standard PC fan. Cheap by water cooling standards and comes ready to run. Just apply power and away she goes. THese things are designed to keep 65W+ chips cool, so I always wondered what could be done with LEDs and these things. Granted they are not small, and probably wouldn't tolerate constantly being moved around too much, but it could be cool nevertheless.

I don’t have any liquid cooled LED lights, only my computer with LC cooling.

I have been toying with the idea of using enthusiast grade PC liquid cooling gear to cool a fixed light, or some kind of stupid lumen monster. Portability would be an issue but that seems to be trivial 'round these parts...