Waterproof 18350 flashlight suggestions


I like to keep a small flashlight in the buoyancy aid I wear when kayaking and my current one (Fenix L1D) has shrugged off its mortal coil so I’m looking to replace it. I’ve got a few 18350 cells lying around so would like to get a flashlight that takes them rather than going for another AA-powered model. An 18650 would be too large for the pouch I keep it in and it’s only for short occasional use so I don’t need that much run-time.

So, who can recommend an inexpensive 18350 flashlight that will survive repeated dunkings in up to a meter of water? I’ve been looking at the Convoy S2+ which claims to be water resistant but doesn’t say to what extent.

TIA for any help.

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I think you need the S2+ with rubber switch and not the metal
But me too don’t know how good its waterproofing is

How much space you got?

You need a dive light . The ones with protection class IP7 are water protected only submerged up to 2 meters in still water !

Using it in a kayak is a total different thing , there is a different pressure of water , due to the water currents and turbulents .

You should know that a watch that is " splash resistant " , or even 100m water proof ,will not survive in a kayak race down the river ! The same with the flash lights !

Trust me , I've been there , and my new Tissot watch (100m water proof) , and my Lumintop SD10 double O ring flashlight has drown !...

I'm using now as a kayak flashlight a Xtar D26 , and a Seiko 5 Diver's watch !!!!! Not cheap but, as my grandfather said : "- Dear , we are too poor in order to buy cheap things...". Think about ...

IP water resistance is tested at all levels, that means an IPX8 flashlight has passed 7 and 6 and the others.
That means it also has resistance to powerful water jets from any direction (IPX6).
A IPX8 flashlight should be perfectly safe for kayaking even if it is only rated 2M submersible.
If you had an IPX8 flashlight leak then it was probably defective or cheap quality.

First you say that 100m waterproof cannot survive kayaking, then you say you use a Seiko 5 Diver, which in fact is rated to 10 bar which… GUESS WHAT? …is 100m underwater.

I definitely wouldn’t buy an S2 for something like this, a higher build quality IPX8/IP68 flashlight would be preferable.

Yeah but do you know small 18350/16340 diving lights? I couldn’t find them.

How much light do you need? Take a look at the fenix cl05 liplight. Runs off aa looks to be waterproof as could be, it’s small, has red or green nav light, blink red green. Twisty switch, just bullit proof little boat light.
I won one and bought a second one I liked it so much

I can’t recommend any lights that small. I can help you make them waterproof. Look for a light that has anodizing on the threads. It’s conducting on its shinny ends. Use Teflon tape on anodized threads. Leave the unanodized ends uncovered. Tighten the retaining ring on the tail switch. If the new light you want has unanodized threads use grease.

Got you some reading material. I think that it applies to flashlights as well as it does to watches.
If you want serious water resistance, don’t look on the website for IPX… or meters, but for ISO……

As can be read in the article I have linked you to:
“for example, a watch marked 30 metres water resistant cannot be expected to withstand activity for longer time periods in a swimming pool, let alone continue to function at 30 metres under water.”
Mind you: 30 metres is not even considered suitable for showering!

My dear Enderman ,

Guess what ?... Seiko 5 Scuba Diver's 200 is rated 200 m ( 20 atm ). And is automatic , 23 jewels , made in Japan , model 7S36-02S0 , serial number 920316.., I was not aware that all these should be posted , but you tickled me... and , by the way , have you ever kayaked , on the sea or on a river , fishing or going thru a cataract on dusk or down ..? Try first , speak second...

The man asked for an advice and I offered him some ,from my PERSONAL experience ! You offered what ? A general set of specs that could be found anywhere on Internet ...?! You can more than that , I'm sure .., but , maybe you had a bad day , and I was here for your anger...For sure I'm much older than you and your sarcasm was not welcome...

So many lights are overrated in almost everything , most of us had at least one bitter experience , so , the ratting is nothing , compared with day by day use..!!!

Please , feel free to share something useful , I'll be the first to thank you...

There are a LOT of this kind of light available from various vendors:

It’s a 18650 but it’s quite small, and pretty bright. There is NO STANDARD and lots of variation….and prices. Some use different p60 drop-ins, some use 2 O-rings, some use 3.
They are built with 2 halves stuck together and it often leaves a small seam in the O-ring channel that needs to be smoothed out with 1000-2000 grit sandpaper. Best if you replace the O-rings also (good hardware or plumbing store.). Once you do all that they are a pretty reliable DIVE light, which I’ve used a number of times to depth.

It’s kind of tough to get reliable SMALL dive lights. To be well sealed they generally have to be beefier. Since water soaks up so much light they are generally larger to handle larger batteries and heat sink ability.

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It’s AA / 14500 but could be good:


Looks very nice (to me).

That Securitying looks to be a better light than I posted. They make a decent product.

If you are not the hands-on type I could suggest to you the Led Lenser D14 Frogman.
The D14 is an oldie but a goldie, and is often used as a back-up light by experienced divers.
I have the old one, which produces a whopping 150 lumens, but there is a newer model that is rated at 400 lumens.
Made of bright yellow polycarbonate, has a magnetic switch and is powered by 4 AA-batteries
The new model (D14.2) has a Cree LED, and 2 power-levels. Just look for the seller with the lowest price :wink:

Convoy S2+ is really watertight with lubbed orings

Jetbeam Jet-II MK

what a coincidence

edit because that is 16340

maybe sunwayman c13r or one of the nitecore models



I'm fine , thank you , how are you ?...

Adjusting and adapting your theoretical knowledge and information to the real life is the real proof of intelligence.., my kids , now grown men , used to take everything from the internet like the Bible , and then they were asking me why this , or that is not working or behave as its should ?!.., seed in your mind , all the time, that you should have a decent 10% of doubt.., and by the way , I lived and survived before Internet Era , during it , and maybe , post Internet Era , I'll survive too.., if you know what I mean...

Do not forget that I'm from a country where we had to survive for more than 45 years to something that was trying to kill your spirit every day , with a shortage of information that you can not imagine , and there , the only " survival kit " was the experience and the elders advice ..!!! So don't judge easy , take a break , step back one step to open more the horizon , and then , maybe ,you'll see the bigger picture... Nobody is the belly of the Earth !

The ONES that KNOWS , are DOING , the ONES that doesn't KNOW to DO ,are TEACHING , and the ONES that doesn't even KNOW how to TEACH .., are RULING !

You got your point , I got mine , so , lets stop this here , the topic has to go on.., what we were doing is just " dust in the wind"... Thanks !

Thanks very much for all the responses - I wasn’t expecting so many and will work through them in detail later (currently working).

I can clarify though that whilst I understand the points/concerns about degrees of waterproofing and the various standards I am also happy that I know what I need in that regard. This torch will not be safety critical (I have various other pieces of coastguard-approved kit that meet/exceed all my safety needs). The torch that I am replacing was IPX8 rated and had survived in my BA for almost six years - it only failed due to user error! Worth mentioning that I also keep a watch attached to my BA, a cheap Timex rated only to 30 meters and it has also survived quite happily so far. It is, as stated in OP, purely for occasional use and a nice-to-have rather than an essential. It has to be small (18650 will be too large, I’m quite sure) otherwise I won’t be able to put it where I happen to want it, it’s as simple as that. It also has to be cheap because the need I have for it does not merit a significant outlay.

So my criteria are waterproof (or can be made so) roughly equivalent to IPX8, 18350 size or very similar, up to $20-25. I wasn’t anticipating starting an argument and if what I’m asking is more contentious than I appreciated I apologise.

Thanks again.

BBB , is nothing to apologize for , the arguments were out the topic , I should apologize for ...!

Also , I 'm happy that I'm not the only one with this madness of adrenaline on the waters ! God bless you , and stay safe !!!

Sorry I couldn't help you too much , but here the 18350 lights are very rare , I have none ,and I can't recommend you one , in this class.., but , for sure , a lot of fellows will step in , with better choices , more apropiate to your needs ! Just wait a little more , you'll see...

yes the 18350 size is very odd, it severely restricts choices.

you don’t really say that size is an issue, why not get a 18650 light, say a diver light, then use the smaller batteries with some kind of spacer?

but then you discover also that the max amp-hours in a 18350 is about 800mah, whereas with the 18650 is easy to get 3000 mah

so again, the 18350 turns out to be limited in another respect - total energy available, as well as light choices…
and in a dive light, you need lots of energy to overcome the light dimming aspect of the water…

maybe you could start with an astrolux S1, which is a good light, and can use the 18350 battery, try to improve it;s waterproofness, though it at least has good o rings everywhere, and see what happens, since it isn;t critical. at least this is cheap. and it is a good light.

i would most suspect the switch of not being waterproof.