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I have questions about light recycling as well:

-does it work in warm leds just as well or for best results use cool leds? Cool leds have a high remaining blue peak so lots of options for recycling, but warmer leds will convert recycled light more efficient in new fluorescent light. Perhaps there is an optimum colour temperature?

-Is a rough die surface (i.e. a dedomed led) better than a shiny surface? (i.e. HI versions of Cree leds)

-are modern phosfors that are rougher and give better spectrum less suitable for luminance increase by light recycling than the good old ugly Cree phosfors

FWIW, a sliced and sanded high CRI 4000K Samsung LG351D did warm up from 4000K to 3500K with a tint shift from slightly green to yellow-rosy, and a considerable throw increase, a clear sign that light recycling does happen in modern, warm tinted leds.