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The abuse part I was referring was that the light was turned on in a bag, and since it was a SRK, im expecting that it turned on high. I had 3A P60 do that when I was new to the hobby. I found it when it had around 20% capacity left. The light was 80 degree Celcious (measured), I was not able to hold it. Sure the SRK has more surface area. But its considerably more powerful and its got longer runtime. I would not be surprised if the cells had seen 80+ degree Celcius (at least of they were not used a lot before the light turned on).

If I put my oven at 90 degree and threw some batteries in there for an hour, I would consider it abuse. Im no battery expert, nor do I know what batteries are supposed to handle in terms of heat. I would assume that the protection circuit should not fail at those temperatures, but I would assume that such extreme temperatures are not healthy.

I have tripped the protection circuits several times on my green Protected NCR18650B, either through over discharge (mostly me testing them), or through too high current. Never had an issue. I had an issue with one of my Sanyo 2600mAh protected cells, so I don't buy those because of that (and several other reasons).

You have a point though, most people don't test the protection circuit. They just assume it will work. So yes, most cells out there have probably not been tested properly.

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